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Orphans leaked? October 20, 2006

Posted by eyeballkid in Uncategorized.

Several people have told me that the entire Orphans collection has leaked onto the net. Some say this (illegal) version contains two tracks not mentioned on the track list released by ANTI: Dog Treat and Missing my Son, both on Bastards.

UPDATE: Please do not post any links to torrent sites in the comments. I am trying to keep this blog legit, so I will remove any links to blantant illegal content.



1. Jack Cutter - October 21, 2006

I keep hoping that maybe there will be an Orphans tour bonus disk. Or maybe like Pearl Jam did a few years ago and release a cd for each concert.

2. Jiri - October 21, 2006

This post has been removed by a blog administrator.

3. grandelezier - October 21, 2006

Yeah, i’m from Poland, where getting the illegal mp3 files from internet is very popular (some time ago, citizens of Warsaw had other way to get the illegal copies, there is an old, abandoned stadium near the center of the city, where some people from the east of Europe were selling everything you wanted to listen, now we’ve got the net.)
But i think that the people who really are waiting for the newest Waits, right the moment are prepering their money. Besides i heard about great book added to the cd box. I don’t suppose there will be a chance to get it from the net, mates.

Well, sorry for my english…

4. matthew london - October 21, 2006

fair comment,good point..and don’t worry about the english.

5. Blackline - October 24, 2006

The track Dog Treat was recorded live at the Henery Fonda/Music Box benefit concert in L.A. this past summer.

6. Harlee and Jeffrey - October 24, 2006

I got the advance today. “Dog Treat” is just a live, spoken-word intro to another song. “Missing My Son” is also spoken-word. Neither are listed on the packaging, probably b/c they were recorded recently and they didn’t want to re-do the packaging (fyi…most of the “Bastards” disc is spoken-word).

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