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The songs that inspired the man October 10, 2006

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Play.com is selling Tom Waits’ Jukebox – The songs that inspired the man, a collection of songs by various artists such as Big Mama Thornton, Ray Charles and Jack Kerouac. Release is scheduled for November 6th.

(thanks to Sharon)



1. ashcan - October 10, 2006

There seems to be a misprint on the site regarding the two Harry Partch pieces. There is a work entitled “Ring around the Moon” in several phrases, not “Ring aound the World.” Not incredibly informative, but interesting, as this CD should also be.

2. Mahood - October 10, 2006

Sounds like a money-spinning racket to me – good collection of songs though.

3. Wiolshit - October 10, 2006


Jockey Full Of Bourbon
1985, Nov 7, Zwolle, Buitensocieteit

1985, Oct 27, Göteborg, Konserthuset

1987, Oct 6, Toronto, Massey Hall

1990, Dec 31, San Francisco, Orpheum Theatre

1978, Nov 21, Washington, Warner Theatre

…mostly when you hear Heartattack and Vine or Blue Valentine songs.
If you have any of those, please contact me at rirerot@hotmail.com

4. Wiolshit - October 12, 2006

I want to thank the English man who will recognize himself for sending the 1985, Oct 27, Göteborg, Konserthuset…
Great show indeed.

Still it’s true the poor sound quality sucks a bit, but as U. Utah Philips would say: It’s good, though!

The version of $29.00 is particularly cool…

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