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Cleveland show added August 9, 2006

Posted by eyeballkid in Uncategorized.

Another show has just been announced: Cleveland, Sunday August 13 at the House of Blues. This is a late night show (there’s a ”regular” show in Akron the same night).

Doors in Cleveland open at 11 pm, the show is scheduled to start an hour later. Tickets ($56.00 – $76.00) go on sale on Ticketmaster on Thursday (August 10) at noon (local time). According to Ticketmaster ,,House of Blues is a general admission venue, with a seated, reserved balcony. All floor tickets are for standing room only.”

,,Special information” (as indicated on the House of Blues site):



All ticket orders may only be retrieved through WILL CALL and can be picked up at the box office on the night of the event at door times (11 PM). These tickets cannot be delivered via any other method. There is a two (2) ticket maximum per household, and the guest of ticket purchaser MUST BE PRESENT at the time of will-call ticket pickup. These tickets are non-transferable and may not be picked up by any other individual – NO EXCEPTIONS. Once purchaser and guest have picked up tickets, they must immediately enter the venue.

All patrons will be required to present a valid government-issued photo ID matching the name given at the time of purchase AND the credit card used for the ticket purchase in order to receive their tickets and gain admittance to the show.




1. Anonymous - August 9, 2006

holy shit. this is insane. does this mean his akron set will be short? Cause that will make me sad.

2. HornyLikeTheCrackOfDawn - August 9, 2006

Whaaaat! This is almost disappointing in a way. If i don’t get a ticket the fact that i will be so close for akron kills me. And yeah, does this mean the set for akron will be shorter? oh tom…what are you doing to us?

3. troubadour - August 9, 2006

hey, I’m willing to attend. buy 2 tickets, and I’ll purchase the other one off you. let me know if you’re interested?


joseph 225-292-1484

4. hammye - August 9, 2006

Why not play a show on Saturday? Oh well I guess I’ll try and see him 2 times in one night. He better count himself lucky that I love his music so much or I may have shaken my fist at him in a fit of unhappieness.

5. Anonymous - August 9, 2006

Come on people! This is incredible news … another chance to see THE man in a smaller venue.
I am just thinking of the line of traffic moving from Akron to Clevland at high speed – we’ll all be trailing the big grey bus …

6. Anonymous - August 9, 2006

Yea, the question is will these two sets be very similar? Also

7. Anonymous - August 9, 2006

I heard about something similar going on either immediately before or immediately after the Detroit show…does anyone know anything about this?

8. Anonymous - August 9, 2006

holy cow… how long of a drive is it from Akron to Cleveland?

9. Anonymous - August 9, 2006

Please let us know if someone hears about an apperance before or after in Detroit…i will be at the bar listed here before…and at the craps table with tom afterwards 🙂 Thanks for coming to DTW Mr. Waits….Pierre

10. Anonymous - August 9, 2006

If he’s going to have enough energy and vocal-cord stamina after one of these shows to immediately play another, this guy must be healthier than he lets on.

After his balls-out Louisville show, I figured he’d need to sleep for a few days to recover. He must be doing some serious aerobic training.

11. Anonymous - August 9, 2006

HOB = 1200 person capacity,so everybody best be good & ready for when those tix drop!

Am I right in thinking that this will be the smallest venue of the tour?

Good luck & please tape it if you have a rig & get to go!!

– oldjollymon

12. Anonymous - August 9, 2006

Akron-Cleveland-travel time–45 minutes, at night, at speed limit.
“hang on st. christopher with the hammer to the floor
put a hi ball in the crank case
nail a crow to the door”

13. Anonymous - August 9, 2006

THis would probably be the most amazing show ever, period.

14. Anonymous - August 10, 2006


15. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

After I purchase my ticket at the booth with my real I.D. is there any reason why I couldn’t use a fake I.D. at the door? Do the tickets actually have the purchasers names on them?

16. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

It’s a !@#$ing 21+ venue!!

17. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

Yes, the tickets will have the purchaser’s name on them. The person at the will call window will also match the credit card you show them with the credit card that purchased the tickets.

If you don’t have an ID that matches the name of the ticket purchaser AND the credit card that purchased them, you are not getting the tickets.

Thank you Tom for being a bastard. Your true fans appreciate it.

18. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

I know that at the window I have to have the id and the credit card. But would I be able to use an under 21 id at the window and an over 21 id at the door?

19. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

Will, I think we should kill Mr. Waits.

20. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

Anyone notice the address of the House of Blues 308 Euclid Ave could this be a sign? Or do I just have to much Time on my hands?

21. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

“I know that at the window I have to have the id and the credit card. But would I be able to use an under 21 id at the window and an over 21 id at the door?”

I don’t think you could get your hands on the tickets with an under 21 ID.

22. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

We’ll have to cut off his bus on the road with Black Thunder, make him pull over and play a private show for us on a freeway overpass until the sun comes up.

23. OLRAINDOG - August 10, 2006

I can’t believe how many whinners are out there! Come on, it’s a last minute schedule. He probably couldn’t get a venue on saturday even if he wanted to. So do what you can to get a ticket and thank Tom for giving you the opprotunity to see him not only in a very small venue, but twice in the same night! It will most likely be a very unique performance. I wish I was so unlucky. Count your blessings and buck up raindogs!

24. HornyLikeTheCrackOfDawn - August 10, 2006

god damn it…the strict rules are BS.. i have a tick for akron in my hand, but this house of blues BS is daaa, bullshit! I dont have a credit card therefore i cant go…how weak is that. a true raindog doesnt believe in the system or thoese stupid plastic cards. fuck this!

25. HornyLikeTheCrackOfDawn - August 10, 2006

holy shit my friend is a saint, hes drivin me and we just got tickets to house of blues!!!
two waits shows in one night…i never thought id see the day!!

26. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

Score!! Just got 2 floor tickets!!

27. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

2 balcony for Akron! 2 floor for Cleveland! Oh god, I’m going to cream my pants.

To all with floor tickets in Cleveland (especially those who also have Akron tix), let’s all be considerate and fully enjoy our experience. If some peckerwood is trying to cut in front of or bully past me or my girlfiend, I will put the smackdown.

Remember, we’re all here for Tom and we’re all in this together.

28. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

Anybody going from Kansas City?

29. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

Has anyone been to the HOB Cleveland? I have 3rd row balcony seats- are they good location? How are they compared to the floor? How big is the place? What do you think about that?

30. diamond on your mind - August 10, 2006

been trying since 5pm (uk time) with plenty of offers but I dont have a state or zip code !!!

31. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

The HOB in cleveland is awesome…not really a bad seat in the house….i cant believe this!!!

32. My Heart Hurts - August 10, 2006

After not sleeping well, I was on ticketmaster at 12:01 pm, had two tix in hand, and then hit cancel…I’ll be in Akron, was in Louisville, and felt greedy. Bittersweet, because Cleveland is my hometown…enjoy my two tickets, whoever you are! I know you will. See y’all in Akron.

33. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

if all his equipment is in Akron, maybe the House of Blues will be an acquisitic set? One can only hope…

34. tabletop mike - August 10, 2006

this is too crazy… just yesterday i am driving to work listening to a 1976 bootleg from cleveland, and thinking to myself, “man it would be so cool to see waits do anything from night hawks at the diner.” this would be THE time and place to break out some of those old gems from nighthawks or small change. do you think this will be just waits and a piano or the full band? i’m hoping for the nighthawks kinda feel. real late, real drunk, real jazzy, real 70’s! this is so surreal… 2 waits shows in one night! pinch me… this makes the drive from philly so much easier. THANK YOU TOM!!!!
ps if anyone needs a lift from akron to cleveland let me know …

35. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

Someone pinch me. I can’t believe I am seeing Tom two times in one night!

36. Hammye - August 10, 2006

I would really like to hear some of the early blues covers he does but I’m not picky. Play what ever you want Mr; Waits, I’ll be happy no matter what.
Oh , and I may or may not have an extra ticket to Cleveland. If I do I will post it here. Face value plus that stupid 8 dollar fee plus one drink if it’s available.

37. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

Something is going down here with this added show. Think about it: Why the same night at a different venue with a lot of the same audience? Is he trying to satisfy an extra handful of fans? I don’t think so. The band has to split, (not to mention the equipment take down-transport-setup,) as soon as soon as Akron ends, so they can play for a lot of the same people from Akron. Doesn’t make sense to me.
I’ve been to a lot of blues shows and it’s not unusual for a show to end and someone from another club across town shows up to sit in for an after hours set or jam. Of course all they have to do is sit down at the house piano, plug in their guitar or stand at he mike, so it’s pretty easy to do.
I think this show is going to be something special/different. A previous post mentioned an acoustic set. But what about a guest(s) joining in. How about the “Orphans” that were absent from most of the previous shows.
Just grist for the mill.

38. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

How about recording or filming for a dvd/cd release?

39. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

You want grist for the mill? You’ve got it!

Marc Ribot is playing in Newport, RI on Saturday and then doesn’t have another gig for 19 days. Theoretically, he could make it.

Bob Dylan is playing a 6:30 show that same night in Columbus, OH. Columbus is a 2 1/2 hour drive . Theoretically, he could make it.

Neither one will probably happen, but you never know…

40. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

I don’t know about that. Dylan’s show has three opening acts, so he’ll probably still be on stage around 11:00 or so. However, Dylan does have a show in Grand Rapids on Saturday and Tom has that day off. Could it happen???

41. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

I can’t tell you raindogs how excited I am. You already know. This is gonna be the best day of my life. I hope I don’t die before then.

42. Anonymous - August 11, 2006

Stay inside and don’t do anything dangerous.

43. Anonymous - August 11, 2006

How’s the parking near HOB and Akron Civic Theatre? Is there a fast way to get from one place to the other?

44. Anonymous - August 11, 2006

This is sooo great! I bet it will be the best show Tom has done in a while. Such a small venue! Yes! Yes! Yes! I can’t wait. Cheers dogs! It’ll be well worth my 7 hour busride!

45. tom - August 11, 2006

I can get someone into the HOB if they have an extra for me for Akron. Must be 21+ and be with me at will call for the HOB show

46. Anonymous - August 11, 2006

Tomorrow begins my T. Waits escapade. Detroit, Akron, Cleveland! Thank you everyone for posting, I feel comraderie in the PH of this Rain Dog blood. Albeit positive or negeative, it’s a killer blog clot.

Dancin’ around in my bones*

47. Anonymous - August 11, 2006

first of all, to the whiners, the ultra-strict rules about tickets and IDs for this tour (and others, from now on) are so that YOU, the fans, get to see Waits at face-value prices, not for $400/pop. this is actually to YOUR benefit! otherwise, only people who could pay scalper prices would be able to go. think about it for 2 seconds, and it will make sense.

second of all, they are using a very mobile rig, and they have the best sound guy/roadies in the biz ( i heard that the engineer actually used to mix Zappa). so, it will probably be a full set, no abbreviations on either end. nobody will be cheated.

Also, after all the trouble gone through to bring his music to the “masses”, as it were (and it is a lot of trouble, btw), do you really think he’d fuck you now?

No way, no how.

48. ComeNowMyDroogs - August 11, 2006

This really breaks my heart. I sure hope he doesn’t stiff us at Akron. I don’t think he would play a short set, but I hope he doesn’t hold back.

Do you think that perhaps it will be a piano only show? Or maybe just piano and bass? It wouldn’t surprise me.

But why, why 21 and up? Sigh. The dissapointment of my life.

49. Anonymous - August 11, 2006

C’mon you worry warts, let’s get real (gone).

TW performed on consecutive nights 8/1 and 8/2, then again on 8/4 and 8/5. Since then he’s had a day off between shows.

Sunday night is his last night on tour, he doesn’t have to hold anything back, conserve any energy. He has been adament about making this tour about the fans and the experience, he is not going to gyp anybody in Akron out of a show equal in quality to the previous 7.

Some of you people blogging don’t seem to understand how much Tom Waits cares about the quality of his work.

50. norkabargoer - August 11, 2006

Read a question about parking in Akron and getting to Cleveland…I live in Highland Square in Akron (greetings from Annabells Lounge)

For those not familiar with the place–

Parking around the Civic: if you want to move f-a-s-t DON’T park in the Civic’s parking deck–only ONE way in and out (it is built over/near the old Ohio/Erie Canal). If you’re on the lowest level, it will take you 45 minutes to reach the street. Street parking is limited but doable–Google yourself a map and figure out your exit strategy (but you knew that already).

Civic Theater is near to entrances for State Route 59 (aka the Innerbelt or MLK) to get on I-77 north, which is straight shot to Cleveland.

HOB Cleveland is on the corner of Euclid and E. 4th Street. E. 4th – Flannery’s Irish Pub, Pickwick and Frolic Martini Bar–oh yeah–BUT don’t know if they’d be open late on a Sunday (bloody Blue Laws). Fat Fish Blue is kitty-corner from HOB. All those places got websites.

I can’t believe I didn’t see the notice for the second show!

Tip o’ the hat to those lucky ones with tix to both show!

If the bars in Cleveland ARE open late, I’m thinking just go up for the hell of it and get some of the contact buzz from the crowd.

Or maybe it’s just better to digest the Akron show over a lager at the Lime Spider…

…moral dilemmas always challenge me. “Yeah, things are tough all over.”

51. secretdeadartist - August 11, 2006

There are a lot of great musicians around the Cleveland area. It’s been Robert Lockwood Jr’s home for probably a 1/4 century. He along with others like “The Numbers Band” have kept the blues alive and kicking on many a night. Who knows what might happen. I’d love to see that show, but Asheville was my only real shot. If he performs a version of “Walkin’ Blues” I will search the internet till I die trying to find a download… and if I never see him again that’s ok. I’m very happy with that experience. It really doesn’t get much better.

52. norkabargoer - August 11, 2006


HOB is 21 and over as it has bars throughout the place.

And for those who will have a bottle in front of them, be prepared to take out loans, sell blood and indenture your children to pay for drinks at HOB

St. Patrick’s Day 2006, 10 am @ HOB – 3 cherry bombs and a Guinness draft-in-a-can: $33.00 without tip!

53. Anonymous - August 11, 2006

So bars are closing early in ohio?

54. Anonymous - August 11, 2006

Thanks for the parking hints… See ya at the lime spider!

55. Anonymous - August 11, 2006

hey, norkabargoer –

what the heck’s a cherry bomb? where i come from, we only serve hard liquor for guys who wanna get drunk fast…

56. norkabargoer - August 11, 2006

Cherry bomb – a shot made of Three Olives cherry vodka mixed with Red Bull.

Not bad – kinda like drinking cleaning products.

57. Anonymous - August 11, 2006

Yeah NE Ohio is head oe’r heels for the whole “Bomb” drink fad.
Has been for years.And yes just like cleaning products!Personally,
I’d rather have some whiskey and a gun.

58. Anonymous - August 11, 2006

We are gathered here-ah! in the church of Waits-ah! to prey-ah! for a cleveland-ah! recording-ah!
AMEN!!Lemeheyasay AMEN-AH!!!!!

59. Jason - August 11, 2006

If anybody here is heading to Cleveland from Chicago, I’d love to try to set up a carpool to save on gas/driving time.

my email is edhunter@gmail.com

60. Anonymous - August 11, 2006

i’m from chicago and once drove to cleveland for a date.

just felt like sharing that with all you rain dogs…

61. padawanofraindog - August 11, 2006

Akron/Cleveland is shaping up to the best night of my young life. Euclid Ave. in cleveland should be a nice scene that night i reckon, with all ye raindogs strolling about. Anyone know the bar scene for after the show or what? Christ, how long do they even stay open?

62. tom - August 12, 2006

Come on raindogs, I know one of you has my Akron Ticket. I’m willing to trade my extra Cleveland ticket, but you have to go with me to will call. I can even give you a one way ride from Akron to the Cleveland show HOIST THAT RAG! herkstar@telenet.net

63. Anonymous - August 12, 2006

Well, I thought I had finished up my run of shows in Nashville—but I just couldn’t resist this Cleveland show (plus there was still a ticket available for me when I looked nearly a half hour after they went on sale, so surely that was a sign I was meant to go?!)

Oh, I so so so hope this will be a piano-and-bass show, or some other format that will be a bit different from the other shows (not that I didn’t LOVE those shows!). I’m sure all of you who were able to attend the Commodore show in Vancouver in 2004 were, like me, just a teensy bit disappointed that the show was basically very similiar to the Orpheum show the night before, just in a smaller venue. What an opportunity for a something just a bit different….

My fingers are crossed (though I’m sure I won’t be disappointed either way!)

64. Guiltlessglider - August 12, 2006

Just a word to the wise. Law enforcement around Akron has been using a lot of sobriety checkpoints lately. Be careful!

65. secretdeadartist - August 12, 2006

Please pay attention to what guiltlessglider advises, even 20 yrs. ago (when I was in school at Kent) this was an area to be avoided if you’d had a couple. More recently my fiance got a speeding ticket in Akron for going 58 in a 45. There’s no reason to ruin a perfectly wonderfull night by getting pulled over.

66. Anonymous - August 12, 2006

Last minute question about Ohio, Akron and Cleveland (i’m leaving in 5 hours)Can we smoke in bar? and what’s the drinkin’ limit? (0.08??)

67. Todd - August 12, 2006

OH MY GOD!!!!!!



I think my head is going to explode!!!!

68. hammye - August 13, 2006

So it’s just another guess on to what may happen tonight but has anyone thought about the Black Keys guesting on his set tonight? They are from Akron and I do think that Tom had voted them something like best new band a couple of years ago. Just a thought is all.

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