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Atlanta setlist August 2, 2006

Posted by eyeballkid in Uncategorized.

Atlanta (GA) Tabernacle, Tuesday, August 1

Make It Rain
Hoist that Rag
Shore Leave
God’s Away on Business
‘Til the Money Runs Out
Blue Valentine
Lucky Day
Tango til they’re Sore
House Where Nobody Lives
Don’t Go into that Barn
Who’s Been Talkin’
Whistling Past the Graveyard
9th & Hennepin
Trampled Rose
Get Behind the Mule
Murder in the Red Barn
Shake It

Goin’ Out West

Day After Tomorrow
Heartattack & Vine

The accompanying picture was sent to me by a fan. Other fan pics can be found here. Access Atlanta has more pictures on line.



1. The guy with the glasses - August 2, 2006

Bit of a ‘greatest hits’package then. I was expecting some more obscure tracks than that if it was in support of a rarities boxset. Incidentally surely we shoud have heard something about that again. Was it mentioned last night at all? Why do I feel the boxset is once again disappearing from our grasps… tell me I’m wrong, somebody.

2. Anonymous - August 2, 2006

Amongst the classical beginner – Make It Rain is a classical to begin with – and the reste sounds indeed like a greatest
– Hoist that Rag (That song live is very goooood)
– He hadn’t sung Whistlin’ Past the Graveyard for maybe twenty years, or so…
same for ‘Til the Money Runs Out

I downloaded 9th & Hennepin from the 1999 tour, and I must say that if it was rocking as much as the version I have at home, it was great!

And being subjective… Heartattack & Vine is one of my favourite (have the Paris Rex version and the Christchurch, Moscow and an early where he speaks about Los Angeles area (smells like he says, I guess)

How i wished they put it online, or even have ripped. YES: I hope they bootlegged it!!


3. Basc - August 2, 2006

I bet it was a great show and the fans had the time of their lives. – But that setlist is a mystery to me…

Why call it “Orphans Tour” and play no “orphan” at all? Most of the songs were part of the setlists back in 1999 and 2004. And Tom has such a huge repertoire…

Surprisingly, I’m disappointed…

4. WaitingForWaits - August 2, 2006

I´m agree with the users. There´s no new song on that concert…why it´s called orphan tour?

5. Son of Divorce - August 2, 2006

The locations are the Orphans, not the songs. These are places that had been “abandoned” by him for up to 20 years.

6. Anonymous - August 2, 2006

The setlist is very deceiving. The versions of many of the songs were quite different than any way I’d ever heard them. Many were disguised quite well. Very different from the way many were playe on the European tour. It was an outstanding show.

7. Anonymous - August 2, 2006

Please Mr. Anonymous…..elaborate.

8. Anonymous - August 2, 2006

The midwest is a large supplier of troops. The lost, the abandoned families, the U.S. Orphans. Wait’s set list looks like it speaks to that and I think that’s why he is in the Midwest. Many war related songs and many songs written about the lost wanderer. With splashes of bourbon and glitter or course.

*Quit bellyaching Tom (F-ing) Waits is on tour.

9. Anonymous - August 2, 2006

EXACTLY!!! Thank you for pointing out your idea of what is meant by the use of the word “Orphans.” Sounds good to me. It was a great show…It was the first show I’ve ever attended that I thought was too short…usually I am ready to get out of there, even if I love the act, by the end. But last night, I was NOT ready for it to be over. Tom Waits came to ATL!!! Yay! It was great. Why complain at all???????????? He has hundreds of songs to choose from…and can only play so many. I thought the beginning three songs last night were the perfect way to get it going. LOVED IT.

10. Anonymous - August 2, 2006

the show was excellent.

he performed like a man possessed -twitching and lurching with every sound.

make it rain and hoist that rag were powerful.

in a flash, a handful of guys brought out a mini grand and he did the piano balladeer thing – some funny banter… the will call only situation made for very long lines… tom was not quite appologizing, but making it clear it was all his idea (to keep the tickets off e-bay).

he addressed his 30 yr absence in atlanta by saying: “you’ll remember last time i was here, i told you – save your money!”

no bull-horns. fairly straight up delivery… the emphasis was on his voice and delivery of the songs…

oh, and the guitar player on hand did a great job.

11. Bart - August 2, 2006

I post this on Straydogs, but thought I’d post it here too, because everyone so far is being pretty general.

The show was righteous. Started off with a few minor missteps, but that’s to be expected since it’s the first show of the tour (the ending of Hoist the Rag was off and God’s Away on Business seemed off kilter from the start). That being said, the band sounded top notch. Duke was especially hot last night. Tom was his usual jovial/twisted self (talking about the long line, not playing in Atlanta for almost 30 years, bull penis, etc).

Highlight songs of the night for me were Blue Valentine, Get Behind the Mule and all of the first encore. I also dug the Lie to Me, Baby song….never heard that one before and they attacked that song with gusto (where’s that song from and is that the correct title?….definitely had Baby in the chorus so that seems believable).

The show started late, but that was due to it taking so long to get everyone in the building (his limited will call requirements made the line almost go around the entire block…no kidding). Show started almost an hour late because of it. The wait wasn’t that bad because lots of cool Raindogs were about, and that made all the waiting quite bearable (my feet were killing me though before the show even started…amazing though how I forgot about them during the show…hehe). Saw a bunch of Raindog shirts, and they were great other than having to wear them outside in line in the Atlanta heat/humidity…guess we didn’t consider them being black…hehe.

I ended up right up against the stage about ten feet to the right of Tom’s microphone, so I guess getting in line at 2:30pm paid off for me. I could have reached up and touched him when he played the piano…THAT FREAKING CLOSE!!

Finally, only one bad experience…an extremely drunk bitch (being nice here) pushed her way up during the second encore and caused problems. She wouldn’t shut up during Day After Tomorrow and everyone was about to kill her. She was about to start some fights, and was finally tossed by security as Heartattack was getting underway.

Stellar night and well worth the 10 hours on the road I did in that one day. I ended up driving all the way back to Panama City, FL after the show (didn’t stay long at Sidebar after the show). I was still buzzing from the show, and never really got tired on the way back so I didn’t bother to stop and get a hotel room.

Was very cool meeting everyone. It was my first live Tom experience, and it lived up to its billing. Now…the Nashville show….can’t wait!!

12. Matto the Hun - August 2, 2006

Origionally by Annonymous –
Quit bellyaching Tom (F-ing) Waits is on tour.

AMEN Brother!

@ bart – We were pretty close too a little farther (about 4-5 ‘rows” back) than you and more towards the center.

Plus we stayed behind some short folks (and We are only ~5’9 or so) so we had a great view the entire time.

You are dead on…STELLAR show. And yeah, that drunk bith was ALL over the place, she was out in our area a couple times. So so sad.

But yeah, other than that it was better than anything i could have imagined! (and I have a wonderful wife to thank, who found out about the tour and made sure we got ticktes!!!)

13. Anonymous - August 2, 2006

“The midwest is a large supplier of troops. The lost, the abandoned families, the U.S. Orphans.”

What an idiotic comment. That has nothing to do with the name, that is the dumbest thing I have ever seen posted here.

14. Anonymous - August 2, 2006

“What an idiotic comment. That has nothing to do with the name, that is the dumbest thing I have ever seen posted here.”

Be nice. Weren’t you taught any manners as a child. Whether this had anything to do with the name & locations of the tour or not, it is an interesting thought. And it is someone’s ernest opinion.

Let’s try not to let the negitivity that I have seen in other public postings seep into this forum – particularly during an exciting tour time.

15. Anonymous - August 2, 2006

jesus! have we become some rude primal animals turning on each other at the time when our God is among us? I’ve never heard such harsh comments posted on this blog. we will all be judged.
As for the drunk bitch, I’ll be sure to pack my samoan war club in case she turns up in louisville.

16. Todd - August 2, 2006

Just out of curiousity, was there merch?

17. Anonymous - August 2, 2006

Someone on the Tom Waits Fan Forum said there was no merch for sale. That’s kind of disappointing, but……..I’m going to see Tom tonight!!! I can’t wait!

18. zenora bariella - August 2, 2006

Wonderful review, Bart! Thank you!

Re/ the performed songs not being orphans, if there’s one thing we can expect of Tom, it’s the unexpected!

But be of good cheer, those who are disappointed by the songs’ being greatest hits. If Duke Robillard had to learn 40 songs during rehearsals, there will be more to come in the other shows.

And I’m going to be SURE not to drink before Memphis and Louisville, so I don’t turn into a Drunk Bitch myself!

19. Anonymous - August 2, 2006

How long was the show from the time it started?

20. Anonymous - August 2, 2006

Yeah, no merch.

21. Anonymous - August 2, 2006

” Anonymous said…How long was the show from the time it started?”

I think the show got underway at around 9pm and was over about 10:50. They weren’t spending too much time inbetween songs and the time between encores was pretty short. A relatively economical affair.

22. George S. - August 2, 2006

Wow, reeading reviews for this has really gotten me pumped up for the Memphis show I’m hitting up on Friday night. I mean, really, in all honestly, the set list doesn’t matter that much: it’s band where 3/4 members he’s never toured with before, it’s almost a real tour in terms of other artists(of course Tom Waits isn’t any other artist, he’s Tom Waits), and everyone who checks into this blog knows every word to every song he’ll play no matter what it is or where it’s from (unless it’s a new one, fingers crossed). I’m really excited to hear that arrangements are varied and different, and if we’re lucky maybe it’ll be a drastically set every night. Anyway, I’m rambling, see everyone in Memphis!

23. Anonymous - August 2, 2006

Can anyone confirm if it was indeed Casey Waits on drums? How was his and Bents contribution to the show?

24. Anonymous - August 2, 2006

It was Casey on drums. I thought he did fine. Bent played just about everything under the sun in terms of instruments. I was disappointed not to see marc ribot but Duke was pretty impressive. I’d say he pulled it off quite well.

25. Anonymous - August 2, 2006


“Lie To Me, Baby” was the great Howlin’ Wolf” song “Who’s Been Talkin'” with the addition of the “Lie To Me” segment, about which I don’t know the origin.

I think a greatest hits retrospective was appropriate, knowing that for most of the audience, this could well be their firsr, and only Tom Waits show. I could have used more of that and less Real Gone. Without Ribot (DR was plenty good) those songs lose a lot of their raison d’etre.


26. SarahV - August 2, 2006

This “Lie to Me, Baby” song is intriguing… doing a search for lyrics, there’s a BB King song called Don’t You Lie (“don’t you lie to me baby, you know it makes me mad”). I’m thinking the J-Lo, Usher and Bon Jovi songs with those lyrics are probably less likely as cover material…

27. Anonymous - August 2, 2006

Sitting in the office in NY thinking of last night with goose bumps. The song selection was nothing brilliant (actually, no matter what is chosen, to be at any of this man’s shows is such a special and unique experience that I think as much, but to hear Whistlin’, Blue Val., November, SHORE LEAVE!!! etc etc etc etc) I cannot wait for Nashville now and all of you who are going to a show before then, I am insanely jealous.
As for merchandising, “Memories are all we really own” … unless of course you are aged 10 and happened to get a TW tour poster!!!
Great meeting all of you Dogs

28. davidwilfred - August 2, 2006

There is a song by Johhy Tyler called “Lie to Me, Baby” – I found it here:


I also saw “Lie to Me, Baby” by Monday In London on an album called The Red Machine.

I can’t tell if this is the same song as Tom sang, but maybe someone else can.

29. zenora bariella - August 2, 2006

Given the long wait for everyone and the hour’s delay starting the show at Atlanta, does anyone know if the Will Call windows at other venues are likely to open earlier? It sure would make sense!

30. Anonymous - August 2, 2006

I travelled down from NY especially for the show, as did at least one other person I see.

This talk of a poor set list is making me laugh. Seriously guys, come one. You’re joking, right?

I saw Tom in 1999 but I think last night takes it for me. Here’s an artist who clearly doesn’t like to tour, coming out and performing such incredible songs with a passion like his life depended on it.

Sure we all have our favourites and god knows he didn’t play some of mine but I can’t think like that. I got to see Tom Waits play and I didn’t think I ever would again.

I loved it, and from what I can tell, so did the ecstatic-to-the-point-of-a-Beatles-gig crowd.


31. Anonymous - August 2, 2006

paul mccartney?

32. Anonymous - August 3, 2006

P.S. My post was supposed to say “nothing SHORT OF brilliant”!!!
as opposed to “nothing brilliant” … slightly over edited in my tired state
Oops …

33. Anonymous - August 3, 2006

I think the expectations where higher for some because the tour is being billed as the “Orphans” tour. No one is saying the show was not amazing, but there has to be some disappointment that no orphan songs (and only three real surprises) where played.

34. The guy with the glasses - August 3, 2006

I feel a bit responsible for maybe starting this thread on a downer and that wasn’t my intention. I would pay good money (and I have done twice in the past) to see Tom sing anything from his back catalogue. I just thought there may be a few obscure tracks in there, that’s all. And my gripe was that perhaps we won’t be getting a box set at all. Tom, live has always to be seen to be heard. And I hope everyone who managed to get tickets has the time of their lives. I’m just a teeny wee bit jealous as I’m a couple of thousand miles away in Jersey (UK, not USA). And I know, that the chances are he won’t be coming back to the UK anytime soon. Enjoy the rest of the tour guys and gals!

35. GSB - August 3, 2006

was there an opening band?

36. Anonymous - August 3, 2006

I have seen 75 concerts so far in my life.All of the greats.Sprinsteen, Bon Jovi, Roger Waters, The Eagles, Petty, Bowie,
Cafferty, The list goes on.I am a
musician in my own right, and have idolized Waits for the last ten years.This was the first time I’ve seen the man in the flesh and I must say I couldn’t even cheer.I was completely in awe! I learned so much about music last night.(including my own)It was the night of a lifetime.The drive from Ocala Florida was tedious, But I would gladly drive to LA to see that again!Thanx again to Ryan for the post about the tickets.
Sorry I didn’t see you at the sidebar.I was there preshow and drove home right after.
Have fun all of you lucky bastards going to the rest of the tour.
If anyone has an extra ticket to ANY of them,my birthday is comming up!
Papa Shango

37. Anonymous - August 3, 2006

What is this about tour posters ?

38. Anonymous - August 3, 2006

hey everybody…some kinda person posted some more pics of last night’s show at flickr.com…here is the link…


oh and I uploaded a few from my own collection to my own account at….


39. Anonymous - August 3, 2006

If you’re looking for tickets, I just saw 2 for Louisville show on Ticketmasters. Orch 3 Row GG
Tell a friend to hurry. (As of 1015 pm eastern)

40. Anonymous - August 3, 2006

No opening band.

The poster was just those stuck up at the Tabernacle which had the Orphans picture of Tom posted on EyeballKid, the date and Sold OUt written on it. Very few floating around …

41. Anonymous - August 3, 2006

I think this is the closest thing to a modern day traveling Messiah. Let the good times roll. Ill see you all in Detroit and Akron.

-For I am a raindog too!

42. Anonymous - August 3, 2006

The way They did heartattack was really something.He sang the hook measure almost in a Waits/Elvis style!Very cool.As far as the “misses” everyone is talking about, This is beautiful because you know you saw the real thing.
A very rare experience and those who had the privelage to see waits “miss” should consider themselves lucky.Many tears from the crowd during day after tomorrow.Just a beautiful show…

43. Anonymous - August 3, 2006

I agree, we were very lucky to see the missteps.What color are the windows on the evening train??
Great show!

44. Anonymous - August 3, 2006

A little off topic: does anyone know where I can get my paws on a copy of “Freedome Highway”??I’ll trade my soul for it if money isn’t good enough!!
Please email me if you have any info. shango02005@yahoo.com
Thanx, Shango

45. Flash Pan Hunter - August 3, 2006

ATL show was excellent – who cares if the songs have been played a bit if you live in the south & haven’t seen this guy in damn-near 30 year?

The song erroneously called ‘Lie to Me, Baby’ is actually “The Cause of it All” by Howlin’ Wolf. As much as TW loves and sounds at times like him, its not surprising.

Also not mentioned is the tight segue into another Willie Dixon-penned Howlin’ Wolf all-timer, “Spoonful.” Sadly, after a few pints, I can’t remember where it was in the set – anybody? Maybe at the end of Goin’ Out West? I think it was the very end, during Heartattack… That spoon, that spoon, that spoonfull…

Also, Duke Robillard was the man. A weird pick for TW, but I thought it totally worked.

46. Bart - August 3, 2006

Damn…I was right next to Cherylll while she took those pics. I guess I was so into watching Tom that I never noticed her taking the pics. She and I happened to know about a small town in Tennessee, so we hit it off from that.

There was no merch, yes it was Casey on the drums (he did fine), and thanks for the reference to the Howlin’ Wolf origin of that obscure song Tom played. Gonna go dig it up now to hear the original, especially since he played it at Asheville as well (it was one of the better tunes of the night I think).

Finally, it was good to see I’m not the only one who thought Duke was an outstanding choice for lead guitar.

47. Anonymous - August 3, 2006

Hi All

Hope the shows are as good as the London Apollo show I saw in 2004.

Someone mentioned the ‘Lie to me’ song might be by Howlin Wolf. It could be based on Who’s Been Talkin’, which has that line “She’s the causing of it all…”

Maybe Orphans will contain a few more Wolf tunes? That Waits Sings Wolf album was mentioned a few years ago…

48. troubadour - August 3, 2006

On stage, Waits made a small comment about the long lines: “I’ve been hearing something about some long lines. Look at it this way: at least among friends.”

One thing I took from the show: his voice was amazing. He had a lot more range live that I thought. I’ve heard some boot leg stuff where his voice seems ripped to shreads, singing off-key to songs like johnsberg (sp?), Illinois. But maybe beacuse it was the first show–he was on the money.

As a grown man, it’s an odd feeling to just be so fucking exited about standing next to another man 12 inches from you–but it is Tom Waits, and his presence is strange and magnetic. It’s inspiring, both as a musician and someone who wants to travel. Seeing him is like reading “one the road”–you just want to drop everything and travel the world.

One of the greatest feelings was standing right next to him and hearing the sound of his left foot tap against the wood, while he kept time to one of my favorite songs, “tango till they’re sore.”

And yes, this drunken woman barreled her way to the front of the stage, standing right behind me and jabbing me in the ribs. I let her to front of the stage; everyone behind me lightly clapped and thanked me. Tom was playing “Day After Tomorrow” on guitar with no accompaniment (maybe bass), the lights were down really low, and this bleach-blond boar was blurting out a few words to the shock and horror of everyone standing around. She was violently shushed and after a minute escorted out by security, who were actually the on-duty fireman.

But, in no way, was the show ruined or even that song. Too, the band was amazing. The sound inside the Tabernacle was beautiful. The vibraphone had a warm tone, colliding with sound of robust tom drums played with mallets and upright bass. One one seemed to meantion it, but these were the instruments I made out: Rhodes keyboard, a smaller keyboard above that had kind of a thin sound when the Danish guy played it, a toy piano, a vibraphone. That guy also played played some percussion: tom drums, congas–things of that nature.

Too, center stage, right behind Tom, there were these massive gramaphone horn of different sizes and shapes jutting out of the drum set. It was an interesting visual. Speaking of visuals, they did a wonderful job with the lighting creating odd silouhettes of Tom’s shadows, his distinctive double-jointed fingers and porkpie hat.

All right, that’s it. I won’t write anymore. I just wanted to give my perspective for people who weren’t their, but wanted some details.


49. troubadour - August 3, 2006

sorry about all the fucking typos. disregard them. I was writing really quickly.


p.s. did anyone notice the massive homeless problem in Atlanta? too, they’re a persistant bunch of street people. extraordinary pests. in baton rouge, spare-changers don’t follow you for two blocks.

50. 2for2true - August 3, 2006

This was my second show – the first being the Seattle 2004 at the beautful Paramount. My ticket was in the upper balcony, last row, in a seat (34) that didn’t actually exist. I decided to take my chances and look for something else, and ended up watching the whole show in the second balcony, second row, stage left. Although the show started 45 minutes late, Tom did not disappoint. After the first 2 numbers, I though I was seeing a repeat of the shows from 2004 – heavy on Real Gone material. Then, I was pleasantly surprised to hear several of my favorites – Heartattack & Vine, Blue Valentine, Shore Leave, Singapore, Tango, and Goin’ out West. I don’t know anyone who puts more passion into a live performance than Tom – he literally gave me goosebumps on several numbers. I unfortunately had a young girl next to me that talked incessantly throughout, despite hard glares from those of us around her.

The bull penis story was classic… I’ve got to look for this stuff at the pet store to see if it’s really true. Unfortunately, I had a ticket to Asheville that I was unable to use, so it sat in the box office all night. Hope someone saw that empty seat in the mezzanine 5th row and enjoyed themself. No mattter – I’ve got a great ticket to Nashville. My early bet is to hear Stone Blind Love – a country flavored tune in the heart of Music City….

Finally, let me say what a pleasure it was to meet all the Raindogs and Waits fans. Most people in Tennessee have no idea who Tom Waits is, so trying to discuss such artists is often met with questioning stares and blank looks. Everyone I met in Atlanta was GREAT (save Ms. Talky Britches next to me). Can’t wait to see everyone at Buffalo Billiards on Saturday night.

51. 2for2true - August 3, 2006

Um, one more thing….I was really struck by the similarities of Duke Robillard to Jerry Garcia…..if this guy grew his hair out a little longer and lopped off part of the middle finger of his left hand…..anyway, he did a great job, as did the rest of the band.

52. b3jack - August 3, 2006

Thanks for your perspective. (troubadour) I wasn’t there and I do appreciate it.
Several people commented on the “mistakes”. Many of Waits albums have mistakes on them. But that is part of what makes his music so visceral and honest. I gave up on pop music 30 years ago because it’s so filled with manufactured, promoted and over produced stars. They are a bunch of fakes, phoneys, and frauds that can’t do their music live without “help”.

53. Pet Mannequin - August 3, 2006

guys…please. “orphans tour”!! Atl…31 years ago. asheville…never. the rest…20 some years besides chicago! If you want to complain about the name of the tour, the set list, his hair, will call lines, him playing for 2 hrs…then maybe you should think about letting people who really love tom waits get tickets next time. The guy is not 30 yrs old anymore. he’s not gonna go out there all night. I respect him for believing in his new songs and playing them. Atl was amazing. if he plays the same set when i see him next time, it’ll be amazing! he’s doing the tour for you guys. he’d rather be hanging w/ the family most of the year, so just be appreciative and have fun.

54. spencer - August 3, 2006

heartattack became spoonful

55. Anonymous - August 3, 2006

Great show…fully worth the money for tickets, hotel room, 6 hr drive from NC, sweating in line and sweating on the floor with all the other come to pay tribute to this amazing man. would do it all again in a heartbeat.

There was great energy in the house, good emotion feeling, and sensuality.

A few uptight people in the audience, but i couldnt have been bothered. I came to enjoy a show, not get caught up in any drama.

Thanks Tom, for a great night.

56. Anonymous - August 4, 2006

Heartattack and Vine (a great, Robilard-freindly version) was I believe the last song of the regular set. Day After Tomorrow was the only song of the second encore and was the last thing he did.


57. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

Real tom waits fans don’t make websites for him. Real Waits fans don’t blog, spam, or chat about Mr. Waits. do yourself a favor,
get off the internet, you’re doing no service to the artist you admire. he doesn’t care for the net, and you shouldn’t care about putting information about him through a medium that has nothing to do with his music. Keep him sacred. Keep him to yourself. Keep him off the internet!

58. Salavating Fan - August 13, 2006

I have to say I was a little disapointed – only because I havve had the fortune to see Mr. Waits once before – in florence, Italy in 1999. Seeing Tom Waits in an opera house with great seats for what I paid to stand in a hot sweaty crowd, would naturally be a better experience. I have to say I admire the attempt to avoid the tickets getting sold to scalpers and ticket agencies, but to expect people to stand in line on a tuesday in which the heat index was 105 degrees, was a bit unfortunate, the whole entrance process could have been run much smoother.
As for the music, I was impressed to see Tom keeping it in the family, with his son Casey, taking reign of the drum set. In ’99 he came out on for a ripping version of “Big in Japan” (at 15 years old!). I liked the set up on the Mule Variations tour better, there was a little more stage pressence and Tom used a “shuffle box” (for lack of a better name, a sort of sand box that I believe is used by tap dancers) that he stood on and stomped out a lot of the rythym to each song. The instrument set up felt a little mopre paired down for this tour, and not as tight as earlier. The looseness was nice since it gave it a sort of playing in the garage feel, but “Mule” tour seemed to have a real vaudville/entertainment feel that just made the performance more complete.
Some nice gems and reworkings of classics (“Blue Valentines”, “Heart Attack”) but too much “Real Gone” material. I have everything Tom Waits has recorded and feel that “Real Gone” is at most, an average album. There are some great tracks, but it drags a bit, and the sequencing of tracks is horrible, and never feels like it gets to where it should be conceptually. I love the paired down nature of this album and how he used a sampler, but it falls in some of the pitfalls Waits has created for himself as a songwriter, and some of the songs just feel a little too forced. But I do love the fact that Marc Ribot is on it, and only wish he toured with Mr. Waits for these concerts.
Why oh why can they not add chairs to a Tom Waits concert. There is absolutely no reason to dance at a Tom Waits concert (unless your partner is Jim Beam)? I’m a mature adult that would love to sit down and enjoy what Mr. Waits has to offer, but not while people pour in and out of the crowd, spilling their drinks on me, while I’m standing asshole to belly button with the rest of the group. I would have had seats too, thank you very much ticket bastard, had the online ticketing system not been messed up for 23 minutes offering me only international will call when I wanted to check out with my seats. After 23 minutes of cursing my computer, my wife, and ticketmaster, I took what I could get.
Any chance I get to see Tom Waits is great, and it probably would have been magical if I didn’t have such a great first tom Waits concert.

59. Evan Athsma - August 23, 2006

I forgot to write up the short little laugh I had coming out of the show at the beginning of this month (Which I won’t even go into because I could write about it for days weeks and not tire. I’ll just settle for saying it was the perfect culmination of dreams I’ve had since I was thirteen. God, what a great goddamn night.). When the final encore ended (after a moment of waiting for more[ crushed by a sudden, unfortunate illuminating of the place) we rushed down the balcony sidestairs to try to shake the great man’s hand. As we emerged from the back door we saw a blue and black shadow flitting across the parking lot towards the large tourbus behind the barrier. Nearly leaping into the bus, Mr. Waits gave a cough as he took the first step, never even turning his head from his given objective to notice those of us standing smiling off to the side. This I choose to take as a farewell remark to the loving legions in Atlanta. Unintended, of course; but I’m sure Mr. Waits would he, himself be attracted to such extravegent interpretations of natural gestures and occurences. As I’m sure he would have also enjoyed the words of the security guard standing to our left (also watching our weary Mr. Waits fleeing capture at the hands of ravenous fans with loving, hungry eyes) who said, “That’s about the quickest escape I’ve ever seen. I don’t blame em’, these people are crazy.”


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