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Get-togethers July 31, 2006

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Several Raindogs are gathering before and after the shows. Below, a list of some of the places where you might be able to find them:

Atlanta: Sidebar, 79-A Poplar St (pre and post show)
Ashevile: Jack of the Wood (pre and post show)
Memphis: Alfreds, 197 Beale Street (pre show) – Pat Obriens, 310 Beale Street (post show)
Nashville: Buffalo Billiards, Showboat Room, 154 2nd Av North (pre and post show)
Louisville: Cunningham’s, 630 S. Fourth St (pre show) – Zena’s Cafe, 122 W. Main St (post show)
Chicago: Hackneys Printers Row, 733 South Dearborn (pre show)
Detroit: The Detroit Beer Co, 1529 Broadway (pre show) – The Old Shillelagh, 349 Monroe (post show)
Akron: Brubakers Pub (2nd floor), 373 South Main Street (pre and post show)



1. Mark - July 31, 2006

I’m making the trip from Dublin for the Memphis, Nashville and Louisville shows; will be solo so would be great to catch up with some folks…

2. OLRAINDOG - August 1, 2006

My Wife and I are flying from LA to Memphis. It would be great to hook up with other fans. What time at Alfred’s?

3. Anonymous - August 1, 2006

We have two extra tickets to tomorrows show in Atlanta, we were going to go with two friends, but they could not make it- we just want to recoup face value. If you are interested and can meet us prior to the show, call me at (706) 255-8913. I hope this is ok to post.

4. Anonymous - August 1, 2006

Atlanta!!!!! Me and my friend’s first waits show.First time in Atlanta too.I’m comming from Ocala
FLA. Hope to see you guys at the sidebar post show!
Hope we can find the joint!
Have fun!!

5. OLRAINDOG - August 1, 2006

Tickets are still available for Orpheum show through Ticketmaster (orches) seats only I believe. I scored 12the row center this morining!

6. Anonymous - August 1, 2006

anyone going to the detroit pre-show????

7. Aberrant Templar - August 2, 2006

A friend and I are taking the Greyhound in from Syracuse NY to see the Chicago show and would love to meet up for a PreShow. Who else is going to Hackneys?

8. Anonymous - August 4, 2006

I have an extra ticket for the Louisville show. Orch 3 Row K, seat 9 or 10. At cost $65.00 cell 845 248 1182 Jerry

9. Anonymous - August 4, 2006

OI! finally after all this time i’m able to see mr. waits. I got tickets to the akron show on the 13th…me and my pal are headin there from upstate new york…we’ll be lookin for fellow raindogs to enjoy a few beers with before and after the show, age doesnt make a difference to us as long as you’re there for tom. we’re 22 years young, and speaking for myself, ive waited a good 12 years for this!

email me if you’re interested…

10. Anonymous - August 4, 2006

Those who will be attending the Akron show should know that the real pre and post show will be at the Lime Spider, the bar across the street from the venue.

11. Anonymous - August 5, 2006

Akron Ohio, Forget about brubakers Pub, That joint blows, it’s a meathead bar. Go to The Lime Spider, its directly across the street from the civic theater, and much more friendly. See you there.

12. tom - August 6, 2006

Does anyone have an extra ticket to the Akron show? It’s a ten hour drive for me, but I would love to go if I had a ticket. Saw him in New Hampshire in 1980 and in San Jose in 92, been way too long, please help! call 315-717-3224

13. HornyLikeTheCrackOfDawn - August 7, 2006

“Akron Ohio, Forget about brubakers Pub, That joint blows, it’s a meathead bar. Go to The Lime Spider, its directly across the street from the civic theater, and much more friendly. See you there.”

– Thanks for the tip man. I hate meathead bars more than i hate , well, a lot of things. I’ll see ya at the spider!

14. Anonymous - August 8, 2006

12 hour drive, from Montreal, there’ll be two Canadian frogs in that lime spider bar guys…

15. Anonymous - August 10, 2006


16. Anonymous - August 10, 2006

Any news on Cleveland get-togethers ahead of the show? (Of course, many people will be on the road from Akron, but for those of us who aren’t…)

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