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Touring band July 18, 2006

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Larry Taylor will be joining Tom Waits on tour once again, as well as guitarist Duke Robillard. From Duke’s web site:

Duke has had the pleasure of touring or recording with some of music’s pioneers and most talented stars and the newest name to add to the list is Tom Waits!

Duke leaves next week to start rehearsals for Tom’s upcoming tour which starts in Atlanta August 1st and ends in Akron, Ohio on August 13th. The response to this tour is tremendous and the first show sold out within 20 minutes of tickets going on sale!

Duke is really looking forward to the tour and working with Tom. Duke says; “It’s an honor to play guitar for Tom Waits. His music is so atmospheric, it will be very exciting to color his music with my sound and be part of his groove”. Duke also looks forward to working with master acoustic bassist Larry Taylor. “Larry and I have been mutual admirers for a long time” Duke says.



1. Anonymous - July 18, 2006


Just amazing! Oh yeah!!!!

2. zenora bariella - July 18, 2006

Wow, thanks, Sarah! Never heard of Robillard, but he looks great.

3. Anonymous - July 19, 2006

Rumor: likely brief “guest appearance” by Ralph Carney-Horns, etc, @ Akron show (hometown Akron citizen).

4. WaitingForWaits - July 19, 2006

Yes,interesant…but,when will be published the orphan´s box?. It´s so strange that there will be an tour before the box is published..

5. Anonymous - July 19, 2006

True. But most of these songs have already been floating around, so many of his fans are already familiar with the material he will play. There are probablly a couple of curve balls we haven’t heard yet, though.

On a similar token, I wonder if this is a mini tour in prelude to the Orphans box set. and perhaps sometime in the winter or in the new year he will have another slightly larger tour in support of the by-then released box set. Since it’ll be the size of 3+ albums.

6. secretdeadartist - July 20, 2006

Robillard should get everything leaning towards the blues, a classy veteran, underappreciated but well respected.
Don’t bet on any more touring to take place, but if it does I’m moving to the Virgin Islands just long enough to go on-line.

7. Anonymous - July 21, 2006

The release date for ‘orphans’ is November 20th 2006.

8. WaitingForWaits - July 21, 2006

Are you sure? The 20th Novemeber? when will we know the track listing of Orphans?

9. Anonymous - July 23, 2006

I’m not familiar with the guy and was hoping to see marc ribot play. the whole idea of tom and this guy not playing together before and rehersals is both exciting and frightening. idon’t know. whatever. can’t wait to see tom.

10. Anonymous - July 25, 2006

What about a drummer/percussionist? I would certainly be surprised if he didn’t have at least one more personel member with him…

11. Anonymous - July 25, 2006

I agree… what’s Brian Mantia up to?

12. Anonymous - July 25, 2006

Duke Robillard was the original guitarist for Roomful of Blues, and also one of the founding members of that band. He is a fantastic Blues, Swing and Jazz guitarist. I’ve seen him a few times (Waits twice) and like Waits, he puts his heart, soul, and spirit into his music. Does anyone know how they hooked up? Duke has a ton of great music out there, Check out the first couple of Roomful of Blues albums. Also, “After Hours Swing Session”, “Stretchin’ Out Live”, “Duke’s Blues”, and his stuff with Herb Ellis are all great listening.

13. Rob - July 25, 2006

Pretty sure last time I checked GNR was going to be done and he’s got nothing with Claypool right now and I’m pretty sure his other main project right isn’t playing during any of those dates….

14. Anonymous - July 26, 2006

Months ago on some website, it said Brain would be touring with Waits in the fall… but if thats the case, I fail to understand why it hasn’t been announced.

Glad to hear the good stuff about Duke, I was a little bit nervous when I was browsing through his website.

15. Anonymous - July 26, 2006

Still not sure about this Duke character. On top of everything he’s scheduled to play a show in Pennsylvania on the 8th of August, which seems like too much when you on the road with Waits. Maybe I’m just a bit hysterical?..

16. b3jack - July 26, 2006

All you folks that are referring to Duke Robillard as “some guy”, “a character”, or you’re not sure, check out the comment by secretdeadartist. Get over the Ribot thing. I love him but he hasn’t been with Waits forever. This seems to be an Orphans tour, not Real Gone or Big Time. Waits has had many great jazz/blues musicians in his bands over the years. When was the last time you listened to Blue Valentine? One of the great blues albums of the 70’s. Teddy Edwards, Shelly Manne, Lew Tabackin, Ray Crawford, Ronnie Barron et. al. all played with waits in the past. As far as Duke playing that extra gig. So What? Waits knows what he’s doing. Has he ever let you down? If Waits cuts Robillard loose, hold on to your hats.

17. rob - July 27, 2006

I was actually hoping for Smokey Hormel…

But the idea of some jazzy stuff is extremely interesting… Would be cool as hell to hear some of the mid-70’s or even late 70’s sorta stuff

Latest news I can find on Brain is this:


I imagine a 2 week tour wouldn’t be too much for him seeing as it’s been almost a month

18. Anonymous - July 27, 2006

fortunately the first show did not actually sell out in 20 minutes, and I snagged 2 tix yesterday, as did 2 friends!

i just had to share my glee.

19. rob - July 27, 2006

Important update I just got from my dad!

And work it has been – in seven days of rehearsal, Robillard has had to learn 40 songs. The other members of Waits’ band are Larry Taylor (bass), Bent Clausen (keyboards, banjo, and percussion) and Casey Waits – the leader’s son – on drums.

I don’t have a link since it doesn’t appear to have been published yet… It look like it may be something a friend in the media of his forwarded to him.

20. SarahV - July 27, 2006

Bent Clausen? Didn’t be work on one of the Black Rider productions? Hmmm…. very interesting.

21. Frank - August 10, 2006

I flew in From New York to Louisville Kentucky to see the show, as I also have an old friend there.
Whoever posed doubts about Duke Robbillard, let’s just put that to rest. Few guitarists today can touch him. He was outstanding. The shopw was superlative. Great renditions of songs unfamiliar to me, and many that I knew. Highlights were “Everywhere i go it rains on me” , “Falling in Love” and Howlin’ Wolf’s “Who’s been talking”.
Tom’s son Keith was a hell of a heavy beat drummer. All in all it was really great, although the Palace Theater is just about the worst music venue I have been to in years, as the acoustics were not conducive to music. Unless you knew the songs, the lyrics were indicipherable and even when Tom spoke it was very hard to hear what he said. That place sucked, but hey, it was Tom Waits….

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