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Latest ticket info. July 13, 2006

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These are the latest Ticketmaster sale times and dates. They may change; if they do, I will try to update them. In general, there are similar strict anti-scalping rules at all concerts. There may be variations, but in general, this is what you’ll see: 2 ticket limit for all shows. For will call tickets, the purchaser must bring government-issued photo ID and the credit card used to purchase the ticket to the box office to obtain the tickets the day of the show. The purchaser and their guest, if any, will be IMMEDIATELY escorted into the venue and you are not allowed to leave and come back in. Non-will-call tickets will be mailed out about 10 days before the show; some venues have only will-call tickets, so make sure you check in advance.

Note: All concerts show SOLD OUT, but tickets may still be released a few at a time or at a time closer to the concert date. At any rate, if you are desperate for tickets, keep trying – you may get lucky!

Sale dates and times:

August 1st. Atlanta. The Tabernacle. SOLD OUT

August 2nd. Asheville. Thomas Wolfe Auditorium. SOLD OUT
On sale Friday, 7/14, 10AM EDT. $54.50 and $75.00.

August 4th. Memphis. Orpheum Theatre. SOLD OUT
On Sale Friday, 7/14, 10AM CDT. $56.50 and $77.00.

August 5th. Nashville. Ryman Auditorium. SOLD OUT
On sale Friday, 7/14, 12PM CDT. $44.50 and $76.50.

August 7th. Louisville. Louisville Palace. SOLD OUT
On sale Friday, 7/14, 10AM EDT. $55.00.

August 9th. Chicago. Auditorium Theatre. SOLD OUT
On sale Saturday, 7/15, 9AM CDT. $48.00 and $73.00.

August 11th. Detroit. Detroit Opera House. SOLD OUT
On sale Friday, 7/14, 10AM, EDT. $72.00.

August 13th. Akron. Akron Civic Theatre. SOLD OUT
On sale Friday, 7/14, 10AM, EDT. $65.00.



1. Dover Seagull - July 13, 2006

There’s a tour on ?
When was that announced then ?

2. Michel - Netherlands - July 13, 2006

When are the tickets for his european tour on sale? 😉

3. Anonymous - July 13, 2006

you got to be kidding me, michel!

4. Anonymous - July 13, 2006

T-Minus 14.5 hours and counting!! To everyone who’s getting up and calling on logging on for tickets tomorrow, good luck! Go easy on that Akron show for me, though, so I can get mine!!!

5. Louis - July 14, 2006

Hey, does anybody know if he plans on adding more dates? Because I know this was orginally announced (on this website) as a “U.S. and Canadian Tour”, and, if that’s correct, there’s obviously going to be more dates. (hopefully some U.S. Northeast ones!)

6. SarahV - July 14, 2006

I have not heard anything about additional dates, and if we’ve learned anything, it’s NEVER to count on additional dates being added. There was supposed to be a U.S. spring tour in 2005 in addition to the 11-date Real Gone tour… and then a fall tour in 2005… etc. and what we ended up with is eight shows in August 2006. If you can go, go!

We were originally told that they would announce US and Canadian dates, my guess is that there was one Canadian city scheduled (Toronto, probably) and it got cancelled for one reason or another. That’s just speculation, but… *shrug*

7. secretdeadartist - July 14, 2006

Taking the day off and ready to give it my best shot, anxiety building and a getting a little weird. Watching the tube, getting the news, channel surfing, and for a half minute or so thought about buying a Magic Bullet… something I would never do and then 40 seconds later made the connection back to The Black Rider and Burroughs. i think I’m awake now.

8. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

fourth row in Louisville!!

9. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

way in the back in akron, but what are you going to do…at least i’m going!…they gave me the option to mail my tix though…anyone else getting theirs mailed?

10. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

Was going to go for the cheap seats in Asheville, but couldn’t get through, so I ended up with $75 balcony seats. You only live once, I suppose.

11. zenora bariella - July 14, 2006

Extreme last row in Louisville, but hey at least I’ll be in the same latitude and longitude as Tom!!

12. blugel - July 14, 2006

4th row in louisville? suck!!! i got balcony but honestly am just glad to be going. whoever thought tom would come around these parts and that i would get to see him!

13. Jimmy No-Eyes - July 14, 2006

Anonymous with Akron tix – to be safe, I called ticketmaster customer service and had them change it to Will Call. I assume that everyone will just be notified that the tickets are at will call anyway, but if you want to be extra safe, call Ticketmaster customer service and tell them what’s up.

14. 2for2true - July 14, 2006

Asheville sold out in about 20 minutes. I got one in the right Mez, 6th row, via phone…then found one on the website in the 4th row mez. center….what a screwed up system.Ticketmonster strikes again…ah well, at least I’m in. Atlanta and Asheville down, Nashville to go….

15. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

Lost two sweet box seats to the Detroit show due to Ticketmaster tech problems…luckily got two more a couple minutes later in the balcony. Anyone know how the venue is for sound, sight etc (particularly the balcony)?

16. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

Got one for Louisville; driving from Cincinnati. Anyone need a ride?

17. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

Ticketmaster is a beast of incompetence. I lost great tickets to their shenanigans.

18. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

fuckin’ ticketmaster!!!!! I had the sweetest seats for Detroit… right up front within the first 5 rows… the system didn’t work and the order didn’t go through. I ended up using a different web browser, and I think the order went through. I’m currently on hold with TM customer service… stll on the main floor but in the end section. ooh well… true, just glad to be there

19. derek - July 14, 2006

Anyone else have problems with Asheville ticketmaster online? Me and my friend both tried orchestra/floor seating and it only gave us the option for “international will call.” Under country there wasn’t even a “USA” to select. Ticketmaster once again sucks. I just said I lived in United States Outlying Islands. I bought a balcony seat just in case something gets messed up.

20. 2for2true - July 14, 2006

Hey Derek, your not alone – see above….

21. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

akron is now sold out

I Was fortunate enough to get PIT in Akron and 3rd row in Detroit! I’m so excited. I have 1 extra ticket for Detroit – row 20 main floor and 1 extra ticket in Akron for mainfloor row W. I want to give the extras to one of you for face value.
Please email me (Bob) at demetterr@ae.com

22. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

Just got screwed by Ticketmaster – I went and stored all my info last night, and logged in today at 9:55. I had fourth row seats for Asheville set to go when it asked for me to enter my credit card info. I did so, and then it told me that, because my credit card info was already stored, I would have to enter another card. Tried again, and again, and soon enough, the tickets dissappeared, and the show was sold out when I tried again. Is it possible to hate a company more than I hate Ticketmaster right now? From fourth row to no dice in three minutes. Those wretched sons of bitches.

23. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

I had the same international will call prob and the credit card stored problem. BULLSHIT! How is there no alternative to ticketmaster!

24. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

I had the same trouble with my stored credit card. Got completely shut out from Akron because of it.

25. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

I had the same thing happen for the Akron show, just wouldn’t let me use my credit card because I had already stored it. My enthusiasm for this is completely gone now.

26. derek - July 14, 2006

I had 3rd row seats for Asheville but lost them because the Internationl will call bullshit. Somehow I tapped back in and got about 20th row seats. That was a miracle. I probably was able to get good seats again because I’m sure lots of people were having the same problem so they lost their tickets.

27. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

so the only way I could order (from Canada) was a glitch option to have it delivered. Which apparently they’re doing. I’m currently in talks with TM to get this straightened out because I don’t want those tickets rebuffed. I’m switching it back to will call. and DONE! back to will call. I’m going to Detroit!

28. Jimmy No-Eyes - July 14, 2006

Got ’em! Halfway back in the middle for Akron…lots of confusion over the will-call and ticketmaster, but I have officially worked it out.

Apparently, the TW people changed most of the Akron tickets to standard mail at the last minute, so unless you have the front few rows, mail is okay.

29. The Notorious S.O.B. - July 14, 2006

Yeah you Asheville show-goers: have a great fucking time, because I will not even be there. That international will-call thing apparently fucked just about everyone – they fucked me from the front row clear out of the building. I was using comp. and phone at the same time trying to get a seat. Ended up fucked in both ends. This WOULD HAVE BEEN the first time i ever used tm – and because of this I will NEVER try again. I’m thoroughly pissed. Screw ticketmaster, and frankly, screw any artist that chooses to fuck with them in the first place. Apparently Pearl Jam are much smarter than I ever gave them credit for. Now I’m off to curse someaone out.

30. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

I selected “US outlying islands” when I purchased. I should probably call and confirm before I drive 8 hours to the show.

31. The Notorious S.O.B. - July 14, 2006

Did I mention I had been sitting here gathering info. since 7:30 AND was supposed to get a ticket for a close friend – and now I’m gonna be the jackass for not coming through. Isnt life just a goddam fucking peach?!

32. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

Thanks for straightening out the confusion. It’ll make me feel better to have tix in hand, since I’m driving from NYC to Akron.

33. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

Got two sweet tickets to the Memphis show on Ticket Master no fuss no muss. 😀

34. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

Went online at 1000…wasn’t open yet. stayed in there and at 1005 by my clock it was sold out. What a rip-off. if I didn’t like Tom so well, I would throw away all his cd’s and boycott everything.

35. Big Guns - July 14, 2006

I just checked there’s still Akron tickets left

36. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

Guys – I don’t think Detroit has sold out yet?

37. derek - July 14, 2006

Everyone keep checking for tickets! Because if someone tried to make multiple orders, ticketmaster will most likely cancel any tickets exceeding the 2 per name/billing address/credit card, etc. I’m sure there are a few people who tried this not knowing the fine print.

38. Andrew - July 14, 2006

Asheville’s ticket offer gave me the International Will Call runaround. I accepted the option and listed US Virgin Islands.

Of course, Ticketmaster didn’t offer me any of my usual payment methods that I’d stored with my account. Luckily for me I had a spare debit card I’d never used before. I still got front row center, which is great, but it shouldn’t be so difficult.

To hell with Ticketmaster.

39. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

same problems with akron. no usa showing up when entering credit card info for a cc already stored. lost 3rd row center…i hope whoever got those seats deserves them better than me.

40. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

shouldn’t nashville be on sale by now?

41. Big Guns - July 14, 2006

I had the same problem with my account. It wouldn’t take the credit card I had stored already. I was able to get in with my other card though. I got to see him in Seattle last time and the show was incredible. I hope its just as good.

42. Radical Wacko - July 14, 2006

Nashville goes on sale in 28 minutes.

43. SarahV - July 14, 2006

Nashville goes on sale noon central time… in half an hour or so, I believe.

44. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

Whats the deal with TicketBastard NOW!?!?

Nashville tickets supposed to be on sale at 12pm, but clicking through the page says, Tickets are currently not available online for one of the following reasons. Please check back for availability.

its 12.38 PM!!!! Whats the deal.

45. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

meep… noon CENTRAL TIME..

*dope-slaps self*

my obsession has made an idiot out of me… well that and timezones

46. Mike Litoris - July 14, 2006

Keep trying! I had the same Ticketmaster probs. as everyone else, kept trying and eventually got main floor seats in Detroit. It took about 10 mins. for Ticketcommunists to get their act together and use the registered info. Their incompetence cost me 4th row…….

47. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

got tickets for the louisville and akron show. i’m in row D for the akron show and I chose the mail option. I hope I’m not screwed. driving from pittsburgh to louisville, louisville to pittsburgh, pittsburgh to akron, akron to pittsburgh . . .

48. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

Forget the Nashville show. I was online and the phone at the instant they went on sale. The ticketbastard said there are no tickets available for that show. Hell, they just went on sale. Do they have a priority list or something? Whose ass at ticketbastards do you have to kiss?

49. bigshoulders - July 14, 2006


when faced with the non-option of International Will Call ONLY, I chose US-Virgin Islands. Still fearful that something might go wrong with the Credit Card company (a discrepancy in the billing address) and fearing that the transaction would not go through, I called my CC company.

I told them that there might be a country discrepancy in the charge. They asked me the amt. of the transaction and said they would put a ‘note’ on my account about it. I was reassured 3 times that it would be fine, and it appears that the transaction went through A-OK.

I hope this might help any others that will be purchasing tickets in the coming days.


50. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

There is no priority list for Nashville… just luck… I ticketmastered a 3rd fucking row center seat when I logged in the moment it went on sale.

51. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

Front Row seats, Backstage pass. I logged on 45 minutes after they went on sale. I RULE.

52. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

Well, I refreshed the darn page too many times and ticket master made me log in from a different computer. By then, 12:02, it was too late. If any needs a guest. PLEASE PLEASE E-MAIL ME. bluevalentines@hotmail.com

53. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

Does anyone know the best (and NOT pricey) way to get from the Pittsburgh airport (PIT) to the Akron Civic theater if driving is not an option? Thanks for your help!

54. scott - July 14, 2006

i have two tickets to the ashevilee show if anyone is interested scott 828-231-2223

55. GSB - July 14, 2006

Louisville: I got row X in the balcony at ten minutes after 10am. Couldn’t get thru via web, so got these tix via phone. Ugh.

I mean, I guess at least I got tickets, right? But I’m kinda like, should I even bother? Three hour drive to look through binoculars for an hour or two?

I got thru to Nashville 5 minutes after they went on sale and they had a handful of single seats with obstructed views in the balcony. Couldn’t do it. This is crazy.

56. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

I got tickets to the Memphis show!
(driving all the way from Texas)

57. shitfromshinola - July 14, 2006

To the guy who’s doing the Pittsburgh-> Louisville->Pittsburgh etc. saga:

If you’re interested in cutting a little driving out, and want to make a full weekend out of it, I’ve got two floor seats in Nashville (center section, 15 rows back from the stage) that I’d love to swap for the Akron show.

I have some scheduling issues that make Nashville do-able but a pain, but Akron would make everything work out perfectly.

Plus, I’m guessing that you’re from the ‘burgh, so if you’d be interested we could swap tix in person. . .

drop me a line bennyprofane68@yahoo.com

58. 2for2true - July 14, 2006

My friend and I both got through in about 4 minutes to Nashville and got tickets on the floor. Another friend was shut out completely. Not surprising, since all tickets to shows in the Ryman are subject to ‘Music City insiders’ gettting the first shot before the general public. I consider myself lucky I got anything.

For those of you that have never been to the Ryman, be aware that there are no seats – only church pews…rock hard church pews, I might add….if you have a cushion or thick sweatshirt, you might want to consider bringing it along. See you all at Tootsie’s Orchid Lounge before the show 😀

59. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

If I’m in the ‘PIT’ for the Akron show does that mean I have to mosh? My wife wants to know if she should should start practicing…

60. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

I got screwed out of the Detroit show with the Internation Will Call issue as well. Sent Ticketmaster a nasty email and CCd Epitaph, but it looks like i’m going to miss Tom Waits – who knows, this might be the last time we get to see him.

Thanks a lot, Ticketmaster.

61. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

Got pretty good seats in Nashville, driving from Boston. Anyone familiar with the Nashville area with some suggestions of cool bars/honky-tonks or just odd things to see and do? They can be the filthiest dives or the most immaculate sushi palaces or camel vs. penguin boxing. me and my buddy are 26 years old, male, straight, no kids. Any reccomendations would be greatly appreciated. I bet others would interested as well! Thanks.

62. 2for2true - July 14, 2006

RE: request for bars & honky tonks

The Ryman is one block above Lower Broad, which has about 8 or 9 honky tonks (the most famous being Tootsie’s)- live music, no cover, (relatively) cheap long neck domestic beers, and it goes on until 3:00am. Printer’s Alley is just a few blocks up the street, with live blues, strip clubs, & more honky tonks until the wee hours as well. Second Avenue – a.k.a., The District – is 3 blocks away, a big place for “la touristas” – hard Rock Cafe, Old Spagetti Factory, Hooters – you get the idea. Bottom line – you’re in party central, dude!
If you have any more questions, email me at dhatfield@dmcpclaw.com.

63. Anonymous - July 14, 2006

also got screwed out of Detroit tickets because of the international thing.

fortunately girlfriend was on another computer (and the phone)working on the louisville show.

we ended up with center stage main floor about halfway back. everybody else I talked to is up in the balcony.

enjoy your shows!!!!!

64. Harris - July 15, 2006

i ordered with my moms credit card
i called the venue and this sassy black ladie told me i should be ok but she wasnt sure
this pissed me off
i wanted a good firm answer
others have told me ill be ok because
i am gunna show up with at the box office with my mom, the credits card, the confirmation email, the order reciept, her and my drivers licenses and the option that they can go to my ticketmaster account(under my name) and make sure i used the card.
i went to a ween show willcall and all we needed was his my friends mom to get the tickets.

65. secretdeadartist - July 15, 2006

After the inital international problem with the Asheville show I was still able to secure 2 tickets, although not together. Thanks to everyone involved with this blog, and also the wonderfull Tom Waits Supplement.
If anyone wants to say hello I’ll be in section OC row N. I’ll be the very tired looking 55yr old little greyhaired guy with glasses. I’ve been wanting to see him for 30yrs so I’ll be shooting a lot of pics with my digital if they’ll let me in with it. I’ll bring the small Canon in a fanny pack and abstain from using the flash. If I shoot at 800 they may be a little noisy, but should come out.

66. Anonymous - July 15, 2006

I just check ebay and there are users already selling tickets for the Chicago show which has not even gone on sales yet. It’s suck that people who don’t even want tickets get their hands on them just to make a profit. It hard enough to get seats, let alone good seats. I was impressed that the selling process for the Tom Waits tickets tried to prevent this, but it doesn’t seem to have worked because there are a ton of tickets for sale.

67. Anonymous - July 15, 2006

Anybody know what Tom’s lineup will be?

68. Anonymous - July 15, 2006

if you need to fly to Akron, from Pittsburgh, I would recommend coming into the Akron/Canton regional airport. Then, you have about a half hour taxi to the Civic, or you could bum a ride of another fan if possible. As for the international will call, ticketmaster assured me that if I have my photo ID and credit card I used to purchase tix with, then I will get in. I mean, tom waits in my city of Akron, and they can’t even put the USA on the list of countries? I’m glad I’m not the onlyone who fretted over this for the entire day, calling company after company.

69. Anonymous - July 15, 2006

For all the grief that ticketmaster has caused fans…check out ebay. There are, at the moment, NO LESS than 100 tickets available from scalpers. Most are incredible seats. I think someone in Nashville has a relationship with the local ticket agencies. HOW FREAKING LOUSY OF THE RYMAN!!! We should all right or call and lambast them. Clearly they support the local scalping trade…too bad Tom didn’t snub the city entirely.

70. Nora - July 15, 2006

I had the same problems with the stored credit card, international will-call, no US option for billing, etc. when trying to buy a ticket for the Detroit show. I wound up crashing my laptop’s hard drive (by slamming it shut in frustration, apparently) and running upstairs to try again on our desktop PC. I grabbed my husband’s debit card, forgetting it had a different number and name on it than mine…he won’t be coming, so I hope just having his card will get me in all right.

I had to cycle through about three tickets during this process: main floor, balcony, main floor. I got main floor, pretty far back, but that ticket goes to my dad–my mom and I are going on their tickets: front and center balcony. 🙂 I know the Detroit venue pretty well, and those should be good seats (as should any, really).

My folks saw Waits the last time he was in town…thirty years ago and before my time. I grew up listening to the man; none of us were about to let this opportunity get away.

But Ticketmaster can kiss my ass. I tried using LiveNation at first, thinking they were an actual alternative, but they were only a front for TM. The single worst online ordering experience I have ever had, and I told them as much.

71. SM Decay - July 15, 2006

Just got orchestra for the Chicago show … I’m so freak’n excited. Never thought I’d get to see Waits!

72. Anonymous - July 15, 2006

Tickets for Akron and Chicago!!!

And unless I’m reading this wrong, my chicago tickets are 2 row orchestra!!!

Everything turned out fine!!!

73. Anonymous - July 15, 2006

Just got tickets for Chicago! They’re up in the balcony and not the best, but they ARE seats. I’m content.

74. Anonymous - July 15, 2006


75. Anonymous - July 15, 2006

Just got tickets for Chicago.. The tickets are box seat, anybody know if there any good? Can’t tell by the seting chart.

76. tzadik42 - July 15, 2006

Chicago looks to be sold out. At least, when I looked for a 2nd ticket (for shits and giggles) there were none available. I did, however get Orchestra, row D, seat 203, so I’m really happy.

77. Anonymous - July 15, 2006

i just got ‘will call’ tickets for the chicago show. how exactly will that work?

78. Aberrant Templar - July 15, 2006

I grabbed tickets for the Chicago show. Two tickets, very front of the balcony. I’m so excited right now, I think I might pee my pants.

…wait … ok yeah. I’m so excited right now that I think I might go change my pants.

79. Anonymous - July 15, 2006

front row in the Pit for Louisville…..Can anyone tell me if that is too close, are we going to be staring straight up in the air….Or did I get lucky

80. Anonymous - July 15, 2006

I’m heading down from Toronto to Detroit. Just wondering if anyone else is doing that route, and or anybody from Ontario going to the Detroit show? Also has anyone been to the Detroit Opera House before, I’ve already read a post about it being a good venue, just would like to know more.

81. Ian - July 15, 2006

We were on ticketmaster for chicago right at 9 and it shut us out ..oh well

82. Anonymous - July 15, 2006

Looks like Louisville in the 3rd Orchestra row. Holy hell.

83. Anonymous - July 15, 2006

Who knows Louisville? I’m flying in from LA for a couple of days. Hotels, sights…thanks for any help y’all can give.

84. Anonymous - July 15, 2006

ticketmaster sucks…..if you got tickets confirm them…with a live person…..fuckers! they had no name for the tickets i bought just a credit card number conveniently./

85. Anonymous - July 15, 2006

To the folks in LA (or anywhere else for that matter) coming to Louisville. I am going to the show, too. I own a bed & breakfast located about 2 miles from the venue. The bed & breakfast is my home, so NOT a party place like a hotel room downtown could be…nonetheless, I can offer great accommodations close to the venue in an establishment owned by a fellow fan…you can reserve a room thru my website…www.thecolumbine.com

86. Anonymous - July 15, 2006

So this is my first Waits show, and a question I’ve often wondered: Does his shows usually have an opening act or is it just him? also, (same kind of question) will there be an opening act this tour?

87. Anonymous - July 15, 2006

no opening act….

88. Anonymous - July 16, 2006

Speaking of how much ticketmaster sucks, I just discovered that ticketmsater has charged me 3 random charges over the past few days of 10 to 20 dollars each. I haven’t purchased anything with my debit card on ticketmaster, ever. I’m on their service line now trying to get it taken care of.

89. Anonymous - July 16, 2006

I have tickets to Memphis. Plan on seeing sun studios and stax. A big music weekend. -Arik

90. Anonymous - July 16, 2006

ticketmaster sucks sooo hard!!!!!

I got jurked out of main floor 10th row , same trouble as every one else!
Ive called them and bitched, but it did no good.

91. Nora - July 17, 2006

Oh, yes–for the “privilege” of using Ticketmaster, we’re slammed with multiple fees: a convenience charge of $8.20, a building facility charge of $3, and an order processing charge of $4.05.

The last time we bought concert tickets, they were available through a smaller, local outlet as well. We saved nearly the price of a ticket by not going through Ticketmaster. What a rip-off. And it’s not like they provide excellent service, as just about anyone here can attest.

92. Anonymous - July 18, 2006

Ticketbastard sucks indeed. I had DFC balcony seats for the Detroit show when it only offered the International Will Call option..I said…whatever, Ticketbastard is already ripping me off, what’s another $2.50 to see Tom Waits, so I chose ‘outlying islands of the US’ and then went to enter my cc, when, to my surprise it said ‘info already stored, please try again’. Isn’t that the point in entering your info, for faster service? Makes no sense. By the time I finally went to get another cc my time had expired and I lost the seats. So I tried again and got 4th row balcony seats just right of center. Again, choosing ‘outlying islands of the US’ and then using a different cc…this time it worked, but I called TM right away to complain and confirm my order. They actually tried to play me off like I made a mistake, saying “when you entered your address, you entered Detroit, AS (Australia?) When I put in my request it didn’t even give me an address option until it was time to pay…the woman pissed me off. Why can’t they just admit that there was a glitch in the system and get over it. Mistakes happen, don’t try and blame the customer. Anyway, they refunded my $2.50 to my surprise (and that basically admitted that there was a flaw in there system or else they would have said I chose International Will Call and kept the money)
If it wasn’t Tom waits I would have said screw it….but there is really no other musician that I would even consider paying $85 to see, and who knows if any of us will ever have a chance to see him live again.

93. Anonymous - July 18, 2006

I’ve been considering showing up and waiting in line in for potential extra tickets at the Ryman Theatre the day of the concert. I’ve seen people secure great promotional seats this way for the Seattle show. However, I called the theatre and and they claimed they would be selling no tickets whatsoever from the box office even if there are some that are unclaimed. Anyone know if this is true or not. I’m willing to go out there and gamble for a shot, but not if there is no shot at all.


94. Bone Machine - July 18, 2006

After hearing all of the nightmare stories, I am hellaciously grateful that I got tickets for both Nashville and Louisville without incident.

95. Anonymous - July 18, 2006

I was lucky enough to see Tom in Berlin and London last time around, and hope the shows in the US are as good for everyone lucky enough to be there.

If anyone from Waits management has any sense they will strip Ticketmaster of any future rights to handle Tom’s tickets. I feel sorry for all those who were thwarted by these people as it’s one thing to miss out because the show is a sell out but quite another to be crapped on by a system that clearly didn’t work.

96. 2for2true - July 18, 2006

Guys, for those of you who tried to get tickets in Nashville, you should know that the Music city insiders get most of the good seats before the event goes on sale. What I don’t understand is how so many hard tickets for all the shows are winding up on Ebay. What happened to the “Will Call only” policy? Was it just a lie?

97. Bone Machine - July 18, 2006

For some reason, that reminds me of the time that I saw ZZ Top at the amphitheater in Nashville and I swear that the singing drummer from Night Ranger was sitting in the row behind us.

At the time, I was wondering how a bonehead like me could get better seats than the dude that gave the world Sister Christian. Then I realized that I didn’t give the world Sister Christian and it all made sense from then on.

98. Anonymous - July 18, 2006

I complained to ticketmaster, and here is what I got back. What an awful company:

Thank you for contacting us regarding your inquiry. Currently, there are no seats remaining for this event, however, from time to time, a limited number of seats may be released back into the system for various reasons. We recommend that you check the site often, particularly as the event date nears, to see if extra tickets become available. We apologize for any inconvenience our site may have caused during you initial ticket purchase. Ticketmaster does not promise the site to be error-free, uninterrupted, or that it will provide specific results from use of the site or any content, search or link on it. The site and its contents are delivered on an “as is” and “as-available” basis.

99. 2for2true - July 18, 2006

Huuh….in other words, “If not completey satified, we guarantee there’s nothing you can do about it.”
Ticketmaster – second only to the airlines in customer satisfaction.

100. Anonymous - July 20, 2006

Hate to say it but Pearl Jam was right!!!!

101. Brook - July 26, 2006

more of the same here, just thought I’d add my voice to the angry mob:

I expected it to be hard, I expected a “wait in line”, and I expected to be bent over hardcore with service charges…
BUT, on top of that usual shit –

I used the special hotline #, right away, got in on like the 5th try, pressed the number for tom waits tickets they told me to press, and the automated lady said “you have selected…Nick Lachay”…. I could almost hear satan laughing at me.

at the same time, I’m online, hoping one of the ways will work out. after about 5 minutes, I get shitty seats reserved, and proceed to checkout. I am logged in, with a credit card on file. this should be the easy part. but no, it gives me NO option to use credit card on file, and asks me for all my info. ok, that’s retarted, but I enter it anyway. AND THEN, after I press “continue”, it tells me “THERE IS A PROBLEM WITH YOUR REQUEST. THE CREDIT CARD YOU ENTERED IS ALREADY ON FILE”!!!!!!!!! Why in the bloody FUCK is that a PROBLEM???!!!! and they give me no option to actually USE the credit card on file, they just tell me that for some reason having a card on file has now hindered me from actually purchacing tickets.

and then there was also the little matter of this being a WILL CALL ONLY show, which is fine, except that when they asked for what country you are from, in the little pull-down menu, there is not a single option that says America, or United States. just foreign countries…

Would it be wrong of me to just go to the nearest TicketFuckers outlet and shoot the first person I see working there???

I did get tickets by using another card with seconds to spare…I just didn’t expect to be so angry after actually getting tickets to the show!

102. Anonymous - July 26, 2006

http://www.ticketalternative.com based in Atlanta, they do good work. A lot of folks are using them as an “alternative”

103. Anonymous - August 1, 2006

I have an extra ticket for Asheville, section E Row F Seat 11. Friend can’t go, (we were split up thanks to ticket srewya anyway…)so I only want what I paid! $87.85. Good seat. Call me 828-242-6239. Will overnight it to you if you aren’t local. — kevin

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