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Eight shows announced July 5, 2006

Posted by eyeballkid in Uncategorized.

Tuesday, Aug 1 Atlanta, GA Tabernacle
Wednesday, Aug 2 Asheville, NC Thomas Wolfe Auditorium
Friday, Aug 4 Memphis, TN Orpheum Theatre
Saturday, Aug 5 Nashville, TN Ryman Auditorium
Monday, Aug 7 Louisville, KY Palace Theatre
Wednesday, Aug 9 Chicago, IL Auditorium Theatre
Friday, Aug 11 Detroit, MI Opera House
Sunday, Aug 13 Akron, OH Akron Civic

The first show (Atlanta) goes on sale July 8, other details about the ticket sales will follow later.

Why there and then? ,,We need to go to Tennessee to pick up some fireworks, and someone owes me money in Kentucky”, Tom Waits explains.

No need to ask me for further details: this is all I know.



1. Anonymous - July 5, 2006

What happened to Canada? Man.

2. Anonymous - July 5, 2006

what are the odds of an average joe getting tickets…

3. Anonymous - July 5, 2006

sweet jesus an atlanta date…well i know i’m gonna be up early this saturday

4. Anonymous - July 5, 2006

What are the chances of the average joe getting tickets? Negligible, I’d say. Get ready to purchase overpriced tickets on eBay from friends of promotors/ticket agencies. If the European dates from 2004 are anything to go by.

5. Anonymous - July 5, 2006

Is there a way to suggest cities to him? To his tour-folk? To suggest venues? If there is please post about it, PLEASE let me know as I can’t get to these venues and would love to suggest some. xx


6. Anonymous - July 5, 2006

After touring for 30 years I’m sure he’s not taking suggestions.

What I want to know is if anyone knows if there will be any other shows besides these ones. Orlando or California would be great.

I can’t believe there isn’t a California date.

7. ghostofBUTCH - July 5, 2006


8. Anonymous - July 5, 2006

I hope to God there is a New York and Philly show.

9. Anonymous - July 5, 2006



10. Anonymous - July 5, 2006

Holy Shit, Detroit. 313

11. TableTopSean - July 5, 2006

The full announcement reads…

“Iconoclast and reclusive touring artist TOM WAITS is making an unprecedented move by taking his always unpredictably stunning live show on the road, mostly in cities (Atlanta, Memphis, Louisville, Nashville) where he hasn’t been seen on stage since the mid-to-late ’70s. As for Asheville, NC, Tom has never played a gig; he hasn’t performed in Akron, OH or Detroit since the ’80s. The most recent stop on this extraordinary tour is Chicago, where Waits played the Chicago Theater for three sold out nights on his “Mule Variations” tour in ’99.

“We need to go to Tennessee to pick up some fireworks, and someone owes me money in Kentucky,” says Waits about why he’s chosen this particular time and route to tour.

When this two-time Grammy-winner last performed live in 2004, tickets sold out in hours, if not minutes. His most recent live date in London sold out in 30 minutes, with over 150,000 ticket requests received within the first hour. Waits’ three previous North American concerts (two in Vancouver, Canada and one in Seattle) were also snapped up in record time.

“His concert was a nostalgic trip through freak shows, murder ballads, and ruminations on lost love,” wrote Charles R. Cross in Rolling Stone after 2004 performance at Seattle’s Paramount Theater. “He didn’t so much sing these songs as he wheezed, whistled, and shouted them, shaking his fist like a craps player on a roll. Mining his recent Real Gone.Waits created a world of haunting characters adrift in a bygone age.”

In other news, Paste magazine has just issued its collector’s edition citing the “100 Best Living Songwriters,” with Tom Waits and Kathleen Brennan (longtime co-writer, co-producer and wife) clocking in at #4. According to Paste, “In literature, only a handful of writers have pulled off the near impossible. In music, it happens on every Tom Waits recording.”

Look for local ads in the regional papers for on sale dates. The first show in Atlanta goes on sale July 8.”

To me, that would indicate that this is the entire tour.

12. Anonymous - July 5, 2006

just got off the phone with thomas wolfe in asheville. they said tix onsale july 14 at 10 am and are expected to go quick i’ll be in line at 8am.

13. prettyboyfloyd at gmail dot com - July 5, 2006

Oakland waits expectantly. A Paramount date would be a real gift.

14. andrew nash - July 5, 2006

Hello, I’m from England and will be in Florida on Aug 1st, I’m hoping to get tickets to the Atlanta gig and then get from Orlando to the Tabernacle. It seems the only way is to drive. I can’t afford to fly without missing a big chunk of my Holiday, which my family will not appreciate. Anyone know if there’s a train?

15. andrew nash - July 5, 2006

Hello, I’m from England and will be in Florida on Aug 1st, I’m hoping to get tickets to the Atlanta gig and then get from Orlando to the Tabernacle. It seems the only way is to drive. I can’t afford to fly without missing a big chunk of my Holiday, which my family will not appreciate. Anyone know if there’s a train?

16. Anonymous - July 5, 2006

You can look at http://www.amtrak.com for trains, but it’s not pretty – I don’t believe there are any fast or direct trains from Orlando to Atlanta.

A better option, and I never thought I would utter this sentence, could be a Greyhound bus – it seems like it is faster and cheaper than the train on that particular route. http://www.greyhound.com

Sarah V.

17. Anonymous - July 5, 2006

Check Amtrak for a train, but realize we don’t use trains a lot here. Driving would take you 7 hours. Greyhound is actually not a bad idea.

I’m in Atlanta and am so excited for this! We’ll try to make a few shows if possible. Tabernacle is a fantastic venue! I can only hope that we’ll be able to get tickets on our own šŸ™‚

18. Anonymous - July 5, 2006

any news on a pre-purchase password?

19. Anonymous - July 5, 2006

The way to get tickets for Atlanta would be ticketmaster, right? I looked and they have no info yet…

20. Anonymous - July 5, 2006

Given I will be able to get a ticket…
Given I will have enough money to fly over from Europe…

Is there a city or venue any of you would suggest (in terms of “reachability”)?


21. Anonymous - July 5, 2006


22. Anonymous - July 5, 2006

I just returned from the Louisville Palace. I, by chance, got our tiny theatre’s booking manager at the ticket window. She told me that (at least for this venue), there will be a 2 ticket maximum and ALL tickets will be sold as WILL CALL ONLY. She said that was the conditions presented to her by Tom’s booking agent. It was the only way they would agree to play. While it will cause long lines to enter the venue that evening, it clearly gives fans a chance to get tickets while leaving the scalpers out of the picture. I would assume the situation is the same for all venues of this tour. Thanks Tom for doing your best to make sure your fans get in the door without being scalped.

23. blugel - July 5, 2006

well, detroit has shown up on ticketmaster…$72 a ticket! oh well, figured it would be pricey. also, i like the idea of all tickets being will-call only. hoping thats for all the shows and not just that venue.

24. waitsover - July 5, 2006

Atlanta, Chicago, Nashville, Memphis, Detroit–those are all international airports, and probably none more easy than the others, although Nashville is the smallest of the towns. As a Southern concert-goer, I’m going to try to get tix for the largest venues, figuring my chances are better there.

25. Anonymous - July 5, 2006

If the tickets are going through Ticketmaster then get to know somebody who works there quickly as they can lock in a pair of tickets two days before they go on sale but they must know two days ahead. They may or may not be good tickets but if you’re like me if it’s Tom I’d sit behind a post if you had to. How much do I like Tom do you ask? well I married the Ticketmaster girl I met and have seen him twice since, no lines no hassles.

26. Anonymous - July 6, 2006

where do you get your information from. we went to a bunch of sites and none of them have anything about tour dates or any information

27. Anonymous - July 6, 2006

Ticketmaster.com has Atlanta and Detroit listed on there, Atlanta on sale for July 8 and Detroit July 14. Tickets for Detroit are $72 as said earlier, Atlanta $60-65. Both have the will call only stipulation on them, which is nice. Hoping to go to Detroit, but those are pricey tickets. Wish I knew somebody at ticketmaster, guess I’ll just have to try the old-fashioned way.

28. Anonymous - July 6, 2006

question for veterans: does he typically play the same setlist at each show or mix it up from show to show?

29. Anonymous - July 6, 2006

Fixed set list? Well, you never know about ol’ Tom, but my experience is that he will use the same set list in different order for different shows in a given tour, and then throws in a few unique tunes for a particular show, usually near the end, including encore(s).

30. Anonymous - July 6, 2006

So what does will call mean exactly in this case? When I saw Tom at the Commodore in Vancouver in ’04, you had to line up at the box office to pay for a ticket voucher, and then on the night of the show exchange the voucher for a ticket, thereby precluding scalpers.

So are these shows will call where you could buy the tickets via Ticketbastard and then show up on the night of the show with an I.D.? I live in Seattle so it’d be a long haul to travel down South or Chicago/Ohio to just buy the tickets, and then fly back for the show.

31. Anonymous - July 6, 2006

With the will-call only option to purchase tickets, how do people purchase tickets from scalpers? I have always seen tickets for sale on the Internet and have wondered if they are scams.

32. Bernie Franks - July 6, 2006

Any word on when the other shows will go on sale?

Also, will this mostly be Real Gone stuff or is there any word on new material?

33. Anonymous - July 6, 2006

Just how fast should one expect these to sell out? When trying to purchase Radiohead tickets for their june tour, I would be on ticketmaster the second they went on sale, but still not be able to get any tickets. Is it going to be that kind of rush, or will they sell out with in a half an hour or so?

34. Anonymous - July 6, 2006

This is about the best reason I’ve ever had to live in Louisville…

Come hell or high water… Tom Waits, will be what I see, when he plays here.

This is such great news!

35. andrew nash - July 6, 2006

cheers for the advice guys! Greyhound it is!!

36. bigshoulders - July 6, 2006

See you in Atlanta… and hopefully Asheville!

37. Anonymous - July 6, 2006

Hi all. Will Call means you just show up at the box office with your ID and credit card before the show – usually right before the concert – and pick up your ticket(s).

As to how quickly they’ll sell out, who knows. I suspect it’ll be quick but not quite as quick as the Radiohead or Tool club tours. Therefore, as long as you’re on the phone or online at 10 AM, you should be okay. A couple of Hail Marys before attempting to score tickets couldn’t hurt, though. šŸ˜‰

Good luck! If Asheville were on a weekday, I’d be there. Otherwise, I’ll hopefully be in Detroit.

38. Anonymous - July 6, 2006

I want to go so bad. I am thrilled this is will-call only and 2 tickets per person; no bad ticket games. However, I am still scared that I will not be able to get a ticket; especially when I read about people getting special treatment with Ticketmaster. What are pre-purchase passwords?

Did someone complain about the $65 ticket price? COME ON! He could easily charge $150 per ticket and it’ll sell out.

I never saw Tom live and I am a huge admirer.


39. Anonymous - July 6, 2006

at first the news was joyous.
now it’s just depressing.
I morn.
I morn.

40. andrew nash - July 6, 2006

Tickets for the European tour in 2004 ALL sold out in less than 30 mins. I recommend being online in good time, on the site and raring to go…good luck. Here’s to opening night!!

41. Anonymous - July 6, 2006

Great, thanks guys. I didn’t imagine it being as insane as Radiohead tickets, but who knows how many Tom Waits fans will emerge out of the woodworks when the time comes.

42. Anonymous - July 7, 2006

Hello again. I have a little more advice for those using TicketMaster.

-Be careful if you’re at the page right at 10 AM or whenever tickets go on sale. If you reload the page too often, trying to nail it right when tickets go on sale, they won’t let you have ticket access for a few minutes. Therefore, it’s important to have an accurate clock.
-Speaking of accurate clocks, I think (but am not sure) that their clocks are synced to atomic clocks out in Colorado. There are Internet servers that can be used to synch your computer’s clock with said atomic clocks. It’s very handy, and I haven’t had any issues if I wait until my synced clock says 10 AM/12 AM/whatever.
-While it won’t matter in this case, I’ve heard rumors that TicketMaster has rigged the system such that people who wish to print out their own tickets get preference. This is a rumor, mind you, but it’s something to keep in mind for sales where Will Call isn’t the only option.

Good luck!

43. 2for2true - July 7, 2006

So many questions….so little time. As far as the easiest venue to get seats, I’d guess Asheville. The hardest is always, always the Ryman in Nashville. Despite what Ticketmaster will tell you, the music insiders will snap up a tremendous amount of seats before we ever get a shot (Van Morrison’s show sold out in less than five minutes). The Tabernacle, while not huge, is decent-sized but will generate a lot of interest and probably be a very tough ticket. I saw Nick Cave there a few years back and its a great venue.

Living in Knoxville, I’ll be able to hit three shows within a 3 hour drive, 4 if I drive another hour to Louisville. I’m going to try and get 1 ticket to each show. I’ll consider myself lucky to get one. Ticketmonster has screwed me so many times I wouldn’t trust them as far as I can spit a rat. Even when I called to get info on the shows, some screwball tried to get me to sign up for a credit card. Whenever they’re involved, prepare to be disappointed…

44. edmund - July 8, 2006

fwiw Detroit, MI Opera House
seating capacity
2828 with both pit lifts for 46 seats
1348 on main floor
1217 balcony
171 boxes


45. edmund - July 8, 2006

Akron Civic holds 2700


Chicago, IL Auditorium Theatre holds 3,929
main floor seating of 1,400


46. Anonymous - July 8, 2006

atlanta is sold out

47. Anonymous - July 9, 2006

I have been waiting over 17 years to see Tom. Now my time has come. See you at the show.

48. Anonymous - July 12, 2006

come on down to the house

49. Anonymous - July 15, 2006

FYI: Asheville Sold out in 2 1/2 hours.

50. Anonymous - July 15, 2006

Got my tix for Akron and couldn’t be happier!

51. Anonymous - July 18, 2006

And I, am indeed an average joe. Now only a 10 hour drive to akron to complete my musical pilgrimage!
enjoy the shows to all those who are going as well!
Peace, bourbon and wine.

52. shwib - July 22, 2006

Scored tix for Nashville,Chicago,Detroit and Akron.Decent floor seats for Nashville and Akron,balcony for the others.Any word on who is in the band?

53. Anonymous - July 24, 2006

He has to do New York.

54. Anonymous - July 27, 2006

After driving innumerable times to other cities for concerts and author signings for various and sundry people, it’s nice that there’s finally something fantabulous happening in Memphis. I knew there was a reason I was staying here for grad school!

55. Anonymous - July 28, 2006

Hello All, I have a quick question for all you folks going to the Chicago show. My husband & I were lucky enough to get tickets. The guy at Ticketmaster said out tickets would be shipped to us on 7/20. It’s now 7/28 & snail mail is slow but ususally not this slow. I’ve heard so many conflicting things about tickets, I just have a quick question; Did anyone, sitting in the first balcony, get their tickets for the Chicago show?

56. Anonymous - July 31, 2006

Is this the only shows for the summer? There has to be more right?

57. Anonymous - July 31, 2006

You guys are all lucky – think of us here in the land down under (Australia) who haven’t had the joy of watching his shows for 20 years!! Let’s hope he goes internationl – let me know if anyone has any info.

58. Anonymous - July 31, 2006

RE: Chicago Question
I got an email the other day that my “tickets had been printed.” So, I’m assuming I will have them by the weeks end. If you don’t have them by 48 hours before showtime call ticketmaster and they will have them waiting for you at the theatre.

Let me know how the Atlanta show is!

59. Arwen - August 2, 2006

Does anyone have a setlist for the Atlanta show? I am going to Asheville tonight. Yeah!!!!

60. Anonymous - August 4, 2006

did anyone have another person buy them a ticket, only one, then go with them to will call to recieve it. I’m worried that they won’t allow my aunt (who has a different last name) to had me the ticket/wrist band. Is there any way around this or are you just screwed. Any info might relax my anxiety.

61. Marky - August 9, 2006


When you setting sail for the UK? SCOTLAND even?


62. Anonymous - August 9, 2006

Has anyone had problems claiming their tickets if they had to buy through International Will Call? I don’t want to drive 8 hours and be turned away.

63. Anonymous - August 17, 2006

New Orleans needs you Tom!

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