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Tour dates July 3, 2006

Posted by eyeballkid in Uncategorized.

I should be able to give you some dates on Wednesday.



1. Anonymous - July 3, 2006

did I ever tell you that I loved you?

well I do.


2. Anonymous - July 3, 2006

I’ve just taken out my credit card.. 🙂
ps,hope you guys don’t mind us coming over from the UK for the shows 😉

3. ghostofBUTCH - July 3, 2006

just heard a rumor he’s playing TN. any truth?

4. Anonymous - July 4, 2006

loverly, Will be over from Ireland for this one… Excellent!!

5. Anonymous - July 4, 2006

7 years since my last show in Toronto has been 7 years too long…

6. Anonymous - July 4, 2006

Wonderful news!
Can we expect a three night run in LA, Chicago and NYC? Hope to see NOLA, Tucson and Carbondale get some love 😉


7. Anonymous - July 4, 2006

Someone told me the Tom Waits, the golden god himself, is coming to my hometown of Louisville, KY. Is this possible?! I didn’t think he was touring anymore. I’m pissing myself right now just thinking about it. I hope the dates are posted soon. Where are you getting the tour date info?

8. Mrsinner - July 4, 2006

This post has been removed by the author.

9. Anonymous - July 4, 2006

something about europe? if not: misery is the river of the world!

10. Anonymous - July 4, 2006

Oh crap!

11. Anonymous - July 5, 2006

Can’t wait! NYC please..–>

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