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H.C. Schmidt sings Tom Waits June 21, 2006

Posted by eyeballkid in Uncategorized.

German singer Hans-Christian Schmidt tours with a Tom Waits repertoire. Georg Wieland accompanies him on piano.

His site has sound clips of Georgia Lee, Kentucky Avenue, Take me home and Tom TraubertĀ“s blues in the ‘audio’ section.



1. Cracker - June 22, 2006

I was impressed. He not only has the voice but seems to have captured a good bit of the TW mood as well.

2. Anonymous - June 22, 2006

notice how exaggerated the drunken slurs are when he sings.

3. Cracker - June 23, 2006

I attributed that to a heavy German accent. Or then again, maybe he’s actually drunk.

4. Anonymous - June 26, 2006

dreadful…dont like it !


5. Anonymous - June 27, 2006

Why would one do such a thing – why join such a “soundalike contest”? If someone captures the mood he would certainly do it in his/her own original way. Like they did it with Cohen’s songs on the album “I’m your fan”, which I really like. Now with Cohen it’s easy to arrange the songs in a new way. Waits arranges his songs so rich, that one needs some distance and genius to alternate them.

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