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What’s he building video April 9, 2006

Posted by eyeballkid in Uncategorized.

Matt Smithson has created a video for What’s he building. You can see it on his site, entitled Man vs Magnet.



1. Anonymous - April 11, 2006

Admittedly, my PC is playing up, but the video simply isn’t there. It’s just me, right?

Jim ‘Pod’ Williams

2. Cracker - April 12, 2006

It’s me too.

3. Anonymous - April 12, 2006

Yup its missing for me too

4. The Eyeball Kid - April 12, 2006

It is a QuickTime movie, so could this be a Mac-only video?

5. Anonymous - April 13, 2006

I think it’s just a buggy web page. It won’t load the video in IE but it will work in Firefox (both on a PC). This direct link should work on a PC with IE – http://www.manvsmagnet.com/motion/waits/waits.mp4 (may take a minute to load)

I didn’t really feel like it fit the song very well…

Sarah V.

6. Anonymous - April 13, 2006

The video has also been posted at YouTube


7. Anonymous - April 13, 2006

Thanks, Sarah V., but the clip cuts out after a minute. Just me?

Jim Williams

8. Anonymous - April 14, 2006

I thought that’s just how long the clip was… I only get 1 min too.

Sarah V.

9. Anonymous - April 26, 2006

It played for me from the original site today 4/26, only about 1 minute long.

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