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New biography in the works February 15, 2006

Posted by eyeballkid in Uncategorized.

Omnibus Press will be publishing a new Tom Waits biography by Patrick Humphries in October – November 2006. Humphries was also the author of Small change; a life of Tom Waits published in 1990.



1. Anonymous - February 16, 2006

That last Humphries´ book on Tom Waits was quite awful… I couldn´t help, but feel pathetic and sad with Humphries…. It was quite awful…

2. Anonymous - February 16, 2006

Yep. Will not be rushing out to buy the updated version on the strength of the old one…

3. Anonymous - February 16, 2006

I agree. Small Change is a rotten book.

4. Anonymous - February 16, 2006

Humphries is a tool. No author should try to “be” the artist he’s writing about. That text was crap.

5. Mike - February 17, 2006

Yeah, it’s hard to make one of my favorite subjects boring, but this dude manages to do it. He’s obsessed with an image Waits stopped projecting twenty years ago. Sad, really.

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