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Lord of the Black Rider January 14, 2006

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Broadwayworld.com has an interesting interview with Christopher Nightingale, the orchestrator and musical supervisor of The Lord of the Rings, who mentions Tom Waits was briefly considered for the the score:

The breakthrough for us came in a stage production called The Black Rider, by Tom Waits. The interesting title is pure coincidence – believe it or not it has nothing to do with the Black Riders of The Lord of the Rings. Waits’ song is from an opera he wrote with the novelist William Burroughs in the early ‘90s. It wasn’t that we wanted to adopt and use The Black Rider, or imitate it, or commission Tom Waits to compose something similar for our score (although we did briefly kick that idea around), but there was a dark and chaotic quality to the piece that clearly revealed how what we wanted to do could be done. Here were tangible ways into music unlike anything we’d heard before on a musical theatre stage.


1. Ms.Sabotage - January 14, 2006

hey there:) found your site by accident and this is just to say that i think you’re doing a great job. can i link you?



2. The Eyeball Kid - January 14, 2006

@ Ms Sabotage; sure.

3. Ms.Sabotage - January 14, 2006


4. Anonymous - January 15, 2006

HAHAHA, this is great. When I’d seen the movies I instantly thought of Tom during those clang boom smash chant pieces.

Of course I never expected they were literally influenced, I just always think of Tom when I hear anything remotely sounding like him and then wish it WAS him providing whatever sonically pleasing rhythm I’d be hearing.

I figure all of us famatics do the same.

5. Anonymous - January 15, 2006

Fantatics, not famatics. Pardon me…

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