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La tigre e la neve and Classic interview availability issues December 21, 2005

Posted by eyeballkid in Uncategorized.

The La tigre e la neve soundtrack is no longer available at Amazon.com.

The Classic Interview release had the same status a few days ago, but now it can be ordered again. This item is also available at Amazon.co.uk.



1. Anonymous - December 22, 2005

Love your site and all the current information yo get is top notch. Please keep us up on any news of a tour. Tickets would sell quickly and I don’t want to miss out.

2. Anonymous - December 23, 2005

That interview disc, I myself tried ordering it. After about a week, they say they don’t actually have it in stock, and sorry for the etc etc.

Quite lame.

3. OLRAINDOG - December 24, 2005

I received a copy of the interview disc but they cancelled the soundtrack order. The interviews are a nice addition to my Waits collection.

4. zenora bariella - December 27, 2005

My interview CD arrived, too. I wrapped it up for myself for Christmas and only just started listening. Great insights into Real Gone etc.!

5. waitsallthetime - January 12, 2006

Hi, I ordered my Soundtrack here: http://www.bhsoundmedia.ch/music/navgruppenid-1/sub-detail/detailid-965283/artikel-la_tigre_e_la_neve/artikel-original_soundtrack
It’s cheap (price is in CHF not Euro and shipping is free!) and really available – I listen to the music in this moment. Great soundtrack, not only the songs from Mr. Tom Waits.

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